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"Lin Yu up! Make it clear to me! " Jun Chen tried to talk to Lin Yu at the moment, but Lin Yu didn’t care so much about it.

Her legs were pulled up by Jun Chen, and she unconsciously rolled his waist and warmed her lips one by one, as if the tender petals were going to invite someone to taste her body, as if there were a thousand ants gnawing at her.
"Boo hoo … uncomfortable!"
Lin Yu didn’t know that her voice was captivating Jun Chen’s nerves at this time, almost breaking through his last restraint.
"Lin Yu, you bastard!" Jun Chen gnashed her teeth and called Lin Yu’s name. He put her on the couch and watched her clothes being rubbed off one by one. She threw away the tube top and fell on his knees.
"Sad …"
Jun Chen leaned over the deep and boundless eyes and looked at Lin Yu one by one. It seemed that she would look like him bit by bit.
"Would you hate me if Lin Yu wanted you?" Jun Chen Lin Yu ear asked a sentence warm breath fills the air with her.
Lin Yu couldn’t hear someone talking in her ear. She thought the sound was familiar, but she had heard it thousands of times and was gentler.
She felt sick all over but shook her head consciously.
Jun Chen’s deep eyes seem to see through people. Now Lin Yufa knows the anger in his eyes.
"ah!" Lin Yu felt that her shoulder was bitten by someone and she unconsciously called it pain.
"Easy!" Lin Yu’s fingers penetrated into Jun Chen’s hair like a gentle spring flowing through her fingertips.
Jun Chen bowed his head and kissed her cheek over and over again, holding the lip of the wound that she bit.
The fiery kiss ran down the neck and left blue and red marks on the shoulders and collarbone.
The clothes were faded. Lin Yuyou felt cold for a moment, but was quickly replaced by hot.
"Shut up, little bastard!" Jun Chen was extremely restrained and endured, but Lin Yu kept singing, so he couldn’t help but scold her in a low voice
The body was fondled by Lin Yu, who was hot and restless, and gradually became a little relieved, as if being guided by people, and many reactions of the body became normal.
Ling Yan cleared everyone to the first floor and waited. Even she and Ling Feng waited outside Feng Ling at the end of the corridor for more than an hour. He couldn’t help asking Ling Yan, "Why hasn’t Brother come out yet?"
Ling Yan white his one eye very anxious to knock him a elm head "nonsense! Can this be fast! "
Feng Ling Ling Yan eyes instantly white meaning face some abnormal.
But fortunately, his facial paralysis can’t see anything.
Is that he wants to do things with Lin Yu in his senior brother, and he can’t help but look at Ling Yan beside him in an instant.
This guy is also dressed in men’s clothing, but she has no clue on her chest and a rough voice, but she has no feminine characteristics at all
However, at this time, she lowered her head and he was much taller than her, so she could see clearly that her long eyelashes moved with light eyelids like two small brushes, and cast a piece of blue lips with light powder, which looked particularly lovable.
Feng Ling suddenly felt a little dry in his throat. He called Lingyan a "little eunuch" with a paralyzed face.
Ling Yan was thinking about what to pay attention to when Jun Chen came out later. When she was called, she was blocked by someone as soon as she looked up.
I don’t know how hard Feng Ling felt when he touched that soft lip.
"ouch!" Ling Yan pushed Feng Ling hard with anger. "What did you bite me for?"
Feng Ling can’t see his face easily even when he blushes. He speaks in a serious way.
He looked at Ling Yan and naturally said, "I’m thirsty."
A word immediately let confident Ling Yan burn red in the face!
"You …!"
She twisted her head to one side, her heart and face intertwined synchronously.
"Feng Ling can’t see that he has improved."
Jun Chen didn’t know when she came out of the room, but she saw the scene just now. Chapter 388 She was hugged and returned to the palace.
Ling Yan’s eyes are flustered and she doesn’t know where to put it, but her duty is to serve you, so she wants to ask you before.
"Yi Huang, what is this?" Ling Yan pointed at Jun Chen’s arms that … No, it’s the quilt!
"Back to the palace" Jun Chen immediately cold face light commanded 1.
Ling Yan silently looked at a face of Jun Chen, who had passed by her and was exposed to Lin Yu’s head. She was surprised and hurriedly followed her.
Ouyang Junxian was released from Du Ling’s room. Du Ling learned that Jun Chen came back to the palace and immediately told Ouyang Junjin.
"Huang Mujun Chen has returned to the palace with Lin Yu. Are you going to the palace now?" Du Lingli OuYangJunJin asked behind him
Ouyang Junjin is holding a handkerchief and wiping it. When he hears Du Ling coming, he slowly wipes his face and throws it aside.
"I know you go first."
Ouyang Junjin’s tone is indistinguishable from anger, but he is as hot as fire. He has been accompanying him for many years. Du Ling naturally understands his temperament and quits without saying a word.
Ouyang Jun envied leisurely waking her eyes and stretched out her hand and touched her neck. A burst of nerve tearing caused her to cry out "Ah! It hurts me! "
"awake?" A greeting in my ear
But this sound is like a firecracker that is more powerful than a firecracker. Ouyang Jun envies the buzzing in his head.