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"Mr ….." Little syren, which still dare to say much at this time, quickly drilled into the driver’s seat and sat in with a hit of the driver’s door. He inserted the car key, locked the car door, put on the light, stepped on the gas pedal, and listened to the land cruiser police car as skillfully as flowing water. Suddenly, it gave out bursts of screams and then "boom" rushed out, leaving a few dark rutting marks in its place, demonstrating the driver’s rage.

"Wang Xiaogan you bastard! You are so dangerous! " After Qin Xiaowan reacted, he looked at the sitting dry elder brother, staring unblinkingly at the front, constantly speeding up the dry elder brother, scolding him with eyes full of worries, and she knew this man too well. If he was crazy, he would even dare to work hard!
Brother Gan ignored that she glanced at the cold in the rearview mirror and ordered, "Xiaoxuan take Ann and give it to her!" "
The little witch immediately obeyed and put on her seat belt, and then Qin Xiaowan helped her put on her seat belt with a resentful look. Qin Xiaowan was furious at this time, and drunk driving and racing had to go at a high speed. If something happened, it would be a life-threatening event, pointing at Brother Gan and just about to reprimand him. Brother Gan suddenly said, "You’d better be honest and make a scene again. I’ll throw you to put on your seat belt!" Say that finish no longer ignore her eyes staring at the car ahead.
Qin Xiaowan was angry but sincere. She was really afraid that something had happened to Brother Gan, so she pursed her lips and gasped and stopped saying anything quietly. Ann took Brother Gan to see two women. Ann immediately put the gear to the highest position, and then kept stepping on the accelerator. The speed of the car kept soaring, and the "wooshing" was so loud that they both hugged each other and kept screaming.
But brother gan seems to be out of the way, and his ears are deaf. He pulls out the toolbox, pulls out the car siren, shakes the window and hangs the roof. For a moment, the red and blue police lights keep spinning and flashing, accompanied by harsh sirens. This autumn night is very dazzling.
At this time, a middle-aged man in a casino in the red light district, China’s largest economic city, was sitting at a gambling table with a full face of excitement and gambling. There were several piles of red hundred-dollar bills in front of him, and a cigarette in his mouth kept giving off a strong Dongshan accent from his mouth.
"Brother Tian, you see that this old hat has lost 700 thousand. How can it get more and more excited when it loses?" In a secret room, the big screen keeps showing the casino. In every scene, a messenger is responsible for monitoring, pointing to the gambler who is wearing cheap clothes but has made a big move.
"Hey, who cares? It’s a Shanxi coal boss or an overnight rich topped …" Before the elder brother called Tian could reply, another messenger stared at the monitor and left the pie mouth naturally replied.
Brother Tian looked back and stared at the little one coldly, which scared him to bow his head and say nothing. Then he ordered coldly, "Watch this little guy for me!" Looking at the monitor, the gambler sneered at the excitement of losing money abroad, thinking that it would be interesting to see what tricks you can play today.
Seeing that the hillbilly had finished losing several stacks of bills in front of him, he seemed to have finished something big. He sighed and wiped his head with cold sweat and said excitedly, "Well, can I go to the second floor now?"
It turns out that there is a rule in this casino that you can enter the VIP room if you spend more than 1 million yuan to meet the casino owner, and even have the opportunity to discuss with the casino owner in person. The so-called spending more than 1 million yuan here refers to two situations. First, you lose 1.2 million yuan, and you win 1 million yuan. If you meet one of these conditions, you can get the VIP room pass.
The security guard on duty took a look at the hillbilly and then picked up the walkie-talkie for instructions, because they had just been ordered to keep an eye on the hillbilly "to report that Brother Tian has lost 1 million and will enter the VIP room"
"Let him in!" The elder brother of the day sat on the sofa and stared at the monitor with a smile on his face. The hillbilly vomited smoke and played the cigar with his thumb, indicating
After listening to this, the security guard replied "Yes" and then took the hillbilly into the special staircase on the second floor. Obviously, the second floor is not the same level as the first floor, and it is much more luxurious from the decoration. There are no noisy halls, but separate packages, and there are beautiful women to accompany the gambling. If you can enter the VIP room, you can have a good time. This is also a way for casinos to attract customers.
Hillbilly, where have you seen this scene, especially those small pieces of cloth wrapped in three-point key parts, breast enhancement, buttocks and black silk beauty’s eyes are ogling, and this body is looking at it for a while, and that body is really dazzling.
"Please come in, sir!" Dressed in a straight suit, wearing sunglasses and holding a walkie-talkie, the professional security guard glanced at her face with a pig’s head and small eyes. Miss ass and Mimi stayed at the hillbilly, and she was very professional and woke up.
As soon as the hillbilly heard it, he quickly moved his eyes and smiled and asked, "Little brother, can I see your boss this time?" (There are some things delayed today, but it won’t be less in the middle of the night, dear friends. This is the first one. There are two chapters 48 later. I’ll solve this myself.
The security guard looked straight at the grinning hillbilly who had never seen the world before. "It’s hard to say that our boss is very busy. Please line up first. I’ll ask two young ladies to accompany you to relieve boredom first …" He said and waved to two three-point beauties with fruit bowls and red wine.
The hillbilly stared at the two girls with breasts, hips, hips, faces and faces. The bikini-clad beauty swallowed her mouth and spat fiercely. Then she remembered that she had more important things to do. She quickly took out two hundred-dollar bills from her pocket and stuffed them into the hands of the two security guards. "Brother, help me. I’m really worried …"
"Well, you play first and I’ll try to arrange it for you." The security guard said and gave the bikini girls a look and turned away.
The two beauties stared at the hillbilly with a face that they had never seen before, and immediately tugged at his arm with smiles appealed, "Go in, boss. Go in and we’ll treat you well and make you comfortable …"
"Ah … well, hey hey …" At this time, the peasant’s left and right arms were propped up by two beautiful women’s big waves, and there was no mood to think about those annoying things. They stretched out their hands and took the two women’s waists into the bag, and they kept wiping their naked bodies with oil, causing waves of charming cries and lang calls.
At this time, the man called Brother Tian is smiling and admiring the passion in the hillbilly’s bag, not to mention looking at his appearance. He has never seen the world in bed, and his kung fu is quite awesome. He keeps those two sluts going * *
"Brother Tian, this is the earthen bag!" The two security guards came to Brother Tian to set the right path, saying that they handed them two hundred yuan just now from the hillbilly. There are rules in the small casino that workers are not allowed to accept customers, and even those young ladies are not allowed to cause unnecessary trouble.
Brother Tian shifted his eyes from the dirty picture of yin, took a cigar in his mouth and replied, "Take this money and make an exception today!"
"It’s Brother Tian!" The security guard took a look at the money in his hand and didn’t take it back. "What about the topped bag?"
Brother Tian sneered and snorted, and two strands of green smoke emerged from his nostrils. "If you receive money from others, you have to do something for them. I will meet him when he is finished!" Glancing at the monitor, she was quite pregnant, and the two women galloped and fought fiercely with the hillbilly.
"Well, we’ll arrange it!" The two security guards said and went out, but the 200 yuan was left intact on the desk and not taken away.
Tonight, the highway leading from the harbor to the plain is destined to be extraordinary. Seeing a land cruiser police car galloping like a wild horse is crazy. The speed of the highway has soared to 240 yards. If the chassis is not heavy, the harsh siren would have gone off all the time. The driver of the car in front of him heard a "whoosh" in the rearview mirror before he saw this scene. The police car has disappeared, and the siren in the distance remains in the night ahead.
"This is the high-speed traffic control command center 4857. Please answer 4857. Please answer!" At this time, the intercom in the land cruiser came with anxious calls mixed with scratching noises.
Dry elder brother conveniently pulled out the walkie-talkie and handed it to Qin Xiaowan, who didn’t even say a word of nonsense and continued to drive.
Being scared and sweating, Qin Xiaowan quickly adjusted her mood and gave a white look at the deadly "smelly man" in front and replied, "I’m 4857, I’m 4857. Please answer! Please answer when you receive it! "
"4857,4857 horses, slow down. Horses, slow down!" The officer on duty at the traffic control center over there shouted, "He watched the warning lights flash by the highway monitor from time to time, and he was so scared that he broke into a cold sweat. He has been a traffic policeman for more than 20 years, and he has never seen such a crazy policeman and is a woman!"!
Qin Xiaowan didn’t know if he answered. He looked up at Brother Gan, but instead of slowing down, he continued to step on the accelerator and roared and continued to drag the car. Nai replied, "I’m sorry, I’m in the middle of an important project. I’ll find your leader to explain it later!" Say that finish the intercom is dead.
“4857? 4857? Hello? Hello? " The traffic control center staff shouted, but there was no echo in the intercom. There were bursts of signal fluctuations, and the blind voice made the middle-aged traffic police swear, "Nonsense! This is nonsense! Did you detect the speed? "
"No … no … Lord …" A female traffic police officer who had just come to practice with a small flower on her shoulder nervously replied for fear of saying something wrong and angering him.