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The waves secretly wiped a cold sweat. He was not afraid that Lan Tianxing would kill him. He was afraid that Lan Tianxing would no longer believe him. All his efforts were in vain before his plan was ruined. It seems that he really saved his own life and saved the whole plan by not going to Ouyang Fang today.

When the waves thought of their own situation, they ignored other horses, and then they wanted to go to the sogeum girl to follow him and Ouyang to the restaurant. They paid the clerk to see if they had messed around in their bags and knew that they had not reported it to Lan Tianxing. Lan Tianxing asked the girl to continue following them until the waves sent Ouyang home, but the waves didn’t go to Ouyang’s room to say that the waves and Ouyang had no affair for the time being. At this point, Lan Tianxing also received a report saying that the waves and Ouyang’s life could be temporarily worried. What should we do afterwards?
When the waves think about it, they are in a cold sweat. If he goes with Ouyang again, something will definitely happen. Lan Tianxing will kick Chu Xiu out. Ouyang will marry him. Now the waves have cut in line. Lan Tianxing’s patience is limited. Maybe one day when he is in a hurry, he will kill the waves. The way to save himself is to stay away from Ouyang!
It’s a bit difficult to stay away from Ouyang without any trace!
At this moment, the waves suddenly thought of a way not only to keep Ouyang at a distance, but also to completely remove the suspicion of Lan Tianxing, and no longer doubt that he will rob a woman with the Blue Star.
This way is the blue moon!
If you want the waves to pursue the offensive exhibition of Blue Moon Exhibition, your son-in-law Lan Tianxing is certainly not afraid of the waves. This son-in-law will rob the woman with his old father-in-law. Of course, Blue Moon may not allow the waves to pursue, but this is not the point. In this way, you can divert Blue Star’s attention. In the process of the waves and Ouyang’s failure to pursue Blue Moon, he can safely let go and carry out his own planned ending, regardless of whether Blue Moon agrees with him or not.
This idea is made up, the waves are relieved, and Anna and Chu Xiu are considered again.
Judging from Anna’s uncle Lan Tianxing, Anna may really be the daughter of an American rich man. This American rich man may have business dealings with Lan Tianxing before agreeing to help Lan Tianxing cheat Chu Xiu. Chu Xiu is not a fool. He would not accept such a dissolute woman as Anna if he didn’t see that Anna’s family was really rich.
But the question is, why would Chu Xiu give up Ouyang and accept Anna? What is the plan of Lan Tianxing and Anna to make Chu Xiu lose heart to Ouyang?
These thoughts are like a flash of light in Shi Huo’s mind, but in a few seconds, he has sorted out all the seemingly messy clues.
Listen to Anna also said, "Don’t worry about you … after Chu Xiu and I went to the sea early in the morning, he and Ouyang won’t see each other again … Don’t worry, I have given the man money, and he promised not to say anything … You can rest assured that I have watched this person delete all the photos of Ouyang’s composition and will never flow to the Internet. Hey, Ouyang is not a Hollywood celebrity … And you have to delete all the photos in your head or go out. I don’t care about it … Well, well, that’s it. If there’s nothing, I China won’t call you again, otherwise it won’t be good for Chu Xiu to hear it … He’s sleeping like a pig and won’t hear it … Bye. "
The four characters of "composite photo" split the dark clouds all over the sky like a flash, making the waves suddenly clear!
It’s good to find a brain expert to change Ouyang’s head to another woman’s body, so that Chu Xiu can believe that Ouyang and Lan Tianxing have slept together. For example, a blue star can find a woman with a figure similar to Ouyang. He can make out with this woman naked or cuddle together, or a brain expert can change this woman’s head to Ouyang, so that Chu Xiu can believe that Ouyang has slept with Lan Tianxing before giving up on Ouyang.
It’s not hard to get photos of Ouyang. She must have taken photos in the red chamber. Lan Tianxing can give photos of Ouyang and other women’s beds to the brain master.
One more question, where can Chu Xiu see the photos without trace? Lan Tianxing certainly won’t let such photos go to the Internet for everyone to enjoy Ouyang’s body (although it’s fake). It’s impossible for Chu Xiu to see the Internet. The only way is to enter the blue sky and remotely control the brain to steal these photos.
The waves can now imagine that Lan Tianxing gave Ouyang’s photos and other women’s bed photos to a brain expert, who asked him to transform Ouyang’s head into another woman. It was Ouyang Lanting who put these synthesized photos in his head, and then let Anna cheat Chu Xiu into the brain, saying that Ouyang was not a good woman, and then encouraged Chu Xiu to find a way to enter Lan Tianxing’s brain to see if Chu Xiu might not be very proficient in this remote control. Anna found another brain expert to invade the brain of China Tianxing regimental headquarters and "happened" to see Lan Tianxing’s personal brain. This kind of remote control across the ocean is a piece of cake for a proficient brain hacker. It costs you ten dollars to find a possibility that he is just a 15-year-old child.
At this time, Anna has undressed and taken a shower. While admiring Anna’s figure, Xiao Xiao said, "Did you think of something when you were so lost in thought?"
Of course, Xiao can’t think of the complexity, let alone think that talking to Anna is caused by the blue sky and the waves, and there is no need for Xiao to know.
The waves frowned and said, "You help me with something."
The novel "What is it?"
The waves said, "this woman wants to leave the city every day. Please help me steal all her documents so that she can’t get a plane or a train. I will keep her in the city for another day!" "
Xiaoxiao said, "Do you miss others because they are beautiful?"
The waves said, "Yes, I just miss her. Not only do I miss her, but I also want to investigate her information. After you stole her certificate, you called Old A and asked Old A to call the American police to investigate her American family."
The novel "Are you kidding me? Are you sick? You asked me to install a monitor, I helped you, you wanted to pick up girls, I helped you, and now you want to alarm the old A and the American police. You want to die yourself, but I still want to live! "
The waves glared and said, "What do you know? This is business! I suspect that this woman’s father is Blue Star smuggling American businessman. If it is true, we can not only further grasp the evidence of Blue Star smuggling, but also cut off his supply and help the American police to crack down on tax evasion in their country. "
The little suspect looked at the waves and saw them with a serious face. He knew it was not a joke and said, "Do you really want to do this?"
The waves said, "Of course it’s true! God, if you don’t go to your shop, you just stare at these two people and you can’t let them leave the city by any means. If you are short of hands, send Zhang Yi and other brothers to help you. "
Nai sighed and said, "Well, you’re the boss."
When the waves looked at it, it was eleven o’clock. I knew I had to pick up the goods at twelve o’clock, so I said, "I’ll go first."
The novel "All right, you go, I won’t send it. Oh, my God, it’s going to cost me with that dog man and woman again!"
The waves laughed. "By the way, you can try a handsome trick to see if you can be a foreign girl. I think you may have a chance."
Xiao also smiled and said, "Yes, I haven’t tried a foreign girl yet. Maybe I can get what you want out of her."
The waves said, "If you talk to her, don’t talk to yourself. After stealing her ID, Ma asked Lao A to call the American police to investigate her family background. You can stabilize her and let her stay in the city for one day."
Smiling, "Don’t worry, I’ll throw caution to the wind if I can taste foreign girls."
The waves smiled and left the room and headed for the building.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Clothes sewn
The waves driving the car really entered the red chamber this time.
He parked his car in the backyard and walked to the fifth floor. When he walked to the fifth floor, a bodyguard was waiting for him at the stairs. He said, "Miss Heigelan told me to wait for you here. She told me to ask you to pick up the goods at the seaside pier at twelve o’clock."
The waves said, "Did Miss Lan say when the goods will arrive?"
The bodyguard said, "Miss Lan said that the goods would arrive at the shore at one o’clock in the morning and asked us to leave before twelve o’clock."
The waves laughed. "It’s still more than half an hour. I’m going upstairs to pick up a couple, brother. If you don’t call me downstairs, go directly to the building and wait for me. I won’t sleep."
The bodyguard said, "Good Brother Hai, my name is Community, and you can call me Community."
The waves patted the shoulder of the community and smiled. "After waiting for me for so long, you can go back to your room and rest at 12 o’clock and get ready to go."