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The beast is a roar and the whole forest of death keeps shaking. This beast, the shadow hunter, will return, and I don’t even dare to provoke it!

"In front of Sammul He! Quick! "
When He Tiansheng’s life was threatened, a bell rang, and then a bell appeared in Sammul He. It was the purple pupil purple golden bell inside.
"Sammul He you lost the two of us left! Too not enough buddies! " Purple pupil is very angry, but Sammul He still looks numb and seems to have lost his soul.
Brady shook his head. "Don’t talk so much now and get out of here."
Purple pupil nodded, but it was still late. The huge beast took a deep breath. Purple golden bell actually quickly retreated and flew towards the beast, and then the beast shook his hand.
"Wake up sleeping I die! Go to nine forbidden places to die! "
The beast actually made a speech, and then squeezed the purple bell, which was indestructible. When the beast squeezed the purple bell, it actually emitted a monstrous purple light, which slowly became dim as time passed.
"No, it’s an ancient beast. Its claws can break all enchantments. We’re in danger."
Purple pupil turned pale with transient.
Before his voice completely fell, the purple bell suddenly came to the card and rubbed it. The purple rune fell like dust. If the purple rune fell, the purple bell would be destroyed.
"it’s over! I didn’t expect my master Brady to die here. It’s just that I won’t be lonely if you accompany me to die. "Brady knows that this time I can’t escape.
Because the purple bell has cracked.
When they were ready to accept death, the squeezing pressure suddenly disappeared, and a fearful beast roared through the whole death field.
Then the purple pupil felt the purple bell fall to the ground.
"What’s the matter?" The two men looked at each other and watched it with purple eyes. Then they heard Sammul He roar like crazy "Get out! Get out! She’s coming. I feel her coming! "
Purple pupil don’t know what Sammul He said, but still out of the purple bell.
A purple bell Sammul He then looked up at the day two people looked toward his line of sight pupil is a contraction.
A woman in white stands quietly in the sky, her clothes are sloppy, and her blue hair is like the waves of the sea fluttering in the wind. She looks down on all beings like a fairy, and her feet are full of ancient beasts, and the rats are trembling on their knees like they are afraid of the smell of women.
Sammul He exclaims that he can’t believe who is the daughter of his eyes, not Aiweier!
This alarm is so abrupt that it seems to disturb the beauty of the day. Her blue aura is fluctuating, and a blue hand catches Sammul He. Then, regardless of the purple pupil and Brady, a light flies away in the distance.
"You are going to leave us here to die!" Brady immediately yelled.
Moment two golden dragons with five claws suddenly appeared and caught two people.
Then the blue light disappeared, and when the death field stopped again, the shadow castle appeared.
When Sammul He opened her eyes, Aiwei was lying beside her. Her blue light had disappeared and the whole person seemed to be in a coma.
"My head is almost blown out. Where is this?" Brady came late.
Sammul He glanced around his eyes flashing light mouth "shadow city".
"Shadow city? Shit, why did you suddenly come here? " Brady was surprised
Real Sammul He is also puzzled. For example, Avril can fly? She can blink from the light continent to the shadow continent. What about her blue light? It’s like aura gas! Have terrible power.
But now that Avril is back, none of this is in his consideration.
It’s good to live, and it’s good to love Vera’s side. What he needs is a plain and stable life
A few days later, Torres house
Torres looked far away at He Tianhe and Aiwei’s back and suddenly sighed and shook his head. He didn’t know how Aiwei came back. Sammul He didn’t tell him that Aiwei also said that she forgot. She said that she seemed to have a dream and appeared here, but what kind of dream she forgot.