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Wan Wan and Xiao Yu snuggled up to Guan Yi and Ouyang Xuan respectively and hugged and prayed …

The waiting was long and painful, and the atmosphere was dull. The operating room finally went out and the door was hit.
Everyone gathered around, but it wasn’t the chief doctor who came out, but the nurse with the smell of dust pushed Xiao Xun out of Nangong Muze and said anxiously, "How was the operation?"
"Very successful. The patient is out of danger, but a series of tests are still needed. Please find someone to go through the hospitalization procedures!" Say that finish, he pushed Xiao Xun away.
Xiao Xun was slowly pushed out and looked at Xiao Xun’s pale face. Everyone felt distressed and comforted. Nangong Muze said, "I’ll help Xiao Xun to register in the hospital."
Wan Wan and others quickly followed the nurse’s footsteps. Xiao Yu ran and looked back at the operating room and found that no one came out except Xiao Xun and that nurse …
Just when the nurse settled Xiaoxun and wanted to leave, Xiaoyu stopped her and said, "Who is the chief doctor who helped Xiaoxun operate?"
"You don’t need to know" light tone
"You can’t find it if you don’t tell us?" Xiaoyu sneered.
"Just try!" Say that finish on N64 dazzling rain strange dialogue.
"Just try!" Say that finish and left.
"What’s the matter? Xiao Yu "Wan Wan asked strangely.
"Don’t you feel strange? From the beginning to the end, we saw the nurse just now, but he didn’t even see the chief doctor. Was there two people in the whole operation? And to be honest, I’m not sure about Xiao Xun’s operation at all … "Xiao Yu said.
"How is that possible?" Wan Wan opened her mouth in surprise. Xiao Yu is a leading doctor in the medical field, and even she is not sure …
"That bullet was right in the middle of Xiao Xun’s heart. When Xiao Xun came to the hospital, her heart was weak and almost stopped. But now she miraculously came back to life and the nurse, do you think she looks like a nurse? The appearance and temperament even our own shame "Xiao Yu also can’t believe it.
Listening to the drizzle, everyone was silent …
At this moment, someone knocked at the door and came in. A doctor wearing a white hanging was embarrassed because he was wearing a mask. They couldn’t see him. The doctor said coldly, "Check out."
I don’t know what this sound is, but I feel very familiar, but I can’t remember where I heard it.
Seeing that everyone had gone out, the doctor took the mask to show his beauty and coolness, stared at Xiao Xun with his eyes against the wall and said, "When do you want to put it on?"
"You still see it." Xiao Xun slowly opened his eyes and smiled sweetly at the man.
"How to dye your hair this color looks so strange!" Xiao Xun looked at the man with black hair and said
"Gone with the wind, come with you. Why don’t you see her?"
"She went to fill the medicine." She heard Xiao Xun’s face cross over.
"This time to take medicine? Is it serious? "
"If that bullet hits the right spot any more, I promise you won’t talk to me here."
"What happened?" Xiao Xun realized the seriousness of the matter.
"The curse of protecting the heart is weak" male words make Xiao Xun leng.
"Isn’t this an immediate result?" Xiao Xun nai said
"Kaoru, come back with me now and go back for treatment. It may be possible to make up for it …"
"Lotus, don’t be silly. Isn’t the result decided early in the morning? What are we still struggling with? " Xiao Xun refused.