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Su Ling turned her eyes and lamented the burning of the third child in her heart at the same time. At the same time, a king had put on his coat casually.

When I turned to the outer room, I looked intently at the old evil boss, and a gentle expression appeared in Su Ling’s eyes.
After leaving the room, Su Ling sighed sadly. It hurts so much that it hurts her to death!
After that, I can’t play happily with Huang Lao!
This car Su Ling is in silence and has already gone to the outer hall to burn the old one. He is in a good mood. He directly pulls the door and intends to command Yushu and the breeze to prepare something to eat. As a result, he pulls two doors and doesn’t pull them? !
How many meanings?
And as he pulled the bolt, he clearly heard the clang of copper locks outside the door!
Rabbit cub locked the house for him? !
"You two get out of here for the king!"
Burn old clothed with a coat conveniently after the skirt button Toshiko a haze staring at the door.
At the same time, I was lying on the roof not far away, sleeping soundly. Yushu and the breeze suddenly felt a little hot in my ears.
Yushu frowned, opened a pair of chaotic eyes and pushed him to sleep straight and snored. "Hey, did you hear the third master?"
The breeze was sleeping soundly, dark eyes opened a gap, and then I looked at the dark sky and kicked Yushu. At the same time, I scolded, "Don’t be crazy! Does Master San have time to talk to us? Didn’t you hear the princess scream? "
Yushu smell speech nodded "that may be I sleep out of illusion! Then we will continue to sleep! "
"Who wants to sleep with you? Stay away from me!"
After the breeze finally grunted, the tiles continued to sleep sideways.
At this time, Yushu is still a little sleepy and stares at the back of the jade tree. After that, I can’t help but look at the distant twilight and sigh, "Hey, when can I get my sister Rao!"
"Hula" as the dark sigh of Yushu just hit the roof tiles, then I heard that the tiles were suddenly broken.
Especially when it’s so quiet, especially harsh in the night
Yushu jumped up from the roof when he smelled a tingle, and looked at the place a few steps away with his sleepy eyes gaping. His third master’s face was livid and the roof was far apart.
Seeing this, Yushu sneaked a kick in the breeze, then looked at the sudden appearance of Huang Laosan and carefully tried to say, "Third Master is still … still awake?"
Burn old although wearing a robe, but the night when the restaurant roof still damage his heroic and handsome.
In the face of Yushu Litou, I asked Huang Laosan if he provoked one side of the knife-shaped eyebrows and smiled. "It seems that you are all asleep?"
The ground breeze is still snoring, and Yushu feels that his life is almost gloomy.
Glared at the jade tree again to please and said, "Three yes, he’s asleep! I’ve been awake! How come your old man came out without giving orders! "
"command?" Burn old rhetorical question and then stand palm impressively put has been he pinched into two and a half copper lock.
At the sight of the bronze lock being destroyed, Yushu’s heart and lungs trembled!
I glanced at it and went to sleep. Yushu reached out and said, "Third Master is in the wind!"
Burn old smell speech didn’t say anything, just throw the lock in your hand at Yushu.
If Yushu wasn’t quick-witted, it would be estimated that there must be two blood holes in his face.
Then burn old cold hard voice also sounded in the night Yushu cried!
"The breeze dry? That lock is engraved with your name! "
Yushu "…"
Master Lin Feng is at odds with you!
"Psst … why is it so cold!" At this time, I finally got a little experience. After turning around in the breeze, I sat up in a daze.
Looking askance at the original place, holding a copper lock and crying secretly, Yushu couldn’t help frowning and asked, "What are you crying about in the middle of the night? A ghost? "
Yushu looked at the breeze with trembling eyes, then threw the bronze lock in his hand directly into his arms, and then confessed to Huang Laosan. "It is a blessing for Third Master to do so!"
Burn old "…"
The breeze stunned and turned his eyes at the sight of the old burn, and immediately threw the bronze lock in his hand like a hot potato into Yushu again, and then got up from the tile and knelt down to be loyal to the old burn. "Three yes are observant! It is Yushu who locks the door and disagrees! "
At the moment, I have been sitting in the room shaking my legs and eating rice congee Su Ling. Listening to the words, I am very disdainful of Yushu and the biting of the breeze.
Let’s bite each other! It’s best to piss Lao Huang off so that she can be relieved of her hatred!
"I heard that the imperial daughter of the Southern Xia Dynasty has recently chosen a husband. You two are ready!"