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Seeing the light shining and a black button floating in the middle, both the experts on the ground and the immortals in the sky were scared and screamed at once.

However, although Tang Jun’s level of God Emperor can mobilize the wishful button to fly, how much power can be exerted? The three four immortals also feel that they can’t help but move closer to the young side with great joy and want to seize this sublime celestial pole.
Suddenly, a light shot out from the Ruyi button and killed a master of the Four Immortals.
"fairy aurora"
The Four Immortals screamed with fear and disappeared. Although the two masters of the Four Immortals showed fear in their faces, they were unwilling to retreat and reached the level of the Four Immortals. Which one is not a Megatron super master? Now you’re being chased by a teenager like this?
Almost at the same time, two masters of the Four Immortals hit the Ruyi button with terrorist forces. Suddenly, the Ruyi button could not withstand the strong impact and was thrown into the sky, but one of the masters of the Four Immortals disappeared in a powerful explosion.
The masters around looked at each other one by one. Which of the four immortals is not renowned? Isn’t it incredible that you should run away after being seriously injured by a teenager?
It turned out that Tang Jun, who was hiding in the wishful button, grasped the colorful ball and threw it out to repel a master of the Four Immortals and two masters of the Four Immortals. When they knew that it was not good, the young man was so horrible that they both retreated bitterly.
At this time, the battle in the sky has also changed. The terrorist strength of the nine-color fire unicorn calls out terror. The flames of nine different colors entangled the three masters of the Nine Immortals in the scattered fairy alliance and surrounded them tightly in the flames, so that they could escape at one time.
In this way, the Sun clan has an extra master of Nine Immortals, the Dragon Cave clan Johnson Long Xiaofeng, who has been entangled by the fairy clan "Fairy Johnson" and played inextricably. The fairy maiden of the Phoenix Nest clan has killed those fairy masters in a misty day, but ten of them are not her opponents. Those fairy masters are even more vulnerable, but for a moment, several fairy masters have fallen here.
Then the Nine Immortals Goddess Phoenix received a sneer and went directly to the side of Han Yuer, the leader of the scattered fairy alliance.
However, the level of the seven immortals was so cold that she was so scared that she broke into a cold sweat. The nine immortals respected her hand. Fortunately, she immediately rushed out of the three immortals to help her resist one.
But the situation has been greatly bad. The three immortals were injured and retired after fighting for a moment. Angry, Feng Mengmeng still came after the cold on her.
"Tianpeng Shengjun, help me"
Beautiful than cold, her body trembled with fear at this time, and suddenly she looked at the distant sky and cried.
"Ha ha"
Far away in the sky, there came a horrible laugh, just like a thunder. In the sky, the experts on the ground changed their faces and fell down one after another.
Then a small black spot flew from the distant sky, and an old man with white hair appeared. A strong force was released from high school and immediately hit the ground. The ground experts screamed and fled around.
Jin Liuer’s face turned big and gave a shudder. I heard that in the Dragon Cave clan, Long Tianpeng, a master of Megatron Nine Immortals, broke through to the saint level and went directly to the holy world. How can he suddenly appear here now? And the other party is a "semi-saint" master and has not broken through to the "saint" level.
Now, a semi-holy master suddenly appeared in the Scattered Immortal Alliance, and once again, the battle situation has changed greatly. The Sun clan has already run out of luck. The strength of a semi-holy master is so terrible that it is difficult for ten nine immortals to compete.
See scattered fairy alliance there unexpectedly appeared a "semi-saint" master? The sun here all the masters are facial expression changed nerve-racking. Five hundred and seventy-nine War situation (31)
"Tianpeng Shengjun didn’t expect it to be his grandfather Long Xianzun. I’m afraid the Sun clan will perish this time."
"With the help of this sage, the Sun clan just can’t survive if they don’t want to perish."
"How can we fight this war?"
"Shall we fight or withdraw?"
All the experts on the ground are talking about their opinions in succession, but all of them are in high spirits here in the Fairy Scattering Alliance, but all of them are in fear over there.
It’s the strength of terror. Nine-colored fire Kirin saw the sudden appearance of the semi-holy master’s face, and the semi-holy master’s face was also slightly changed. The strong man is not their immortal master to compete with, but he used to be a fairy beast equivalent to the "holy master". Although now he has fallen to the level of god beast, he can’t beat the semi-holy master, but he still has terrible strength to entangle with each other for a while, there is still no problem.
Suddenly he had an idea in his heart. Doesn’t a teenager have an artifact, the heavenly sword? If he wants to break through to the immortal level, the immortal master Jin Liuer will unite to unite the two swords, and it will be more powerful than the semi-holy master, which is also difficult to compete. At that time, there may be a glimmer of hope for victory here in the Sun clan.
Thought of this, the Kirin Sage immediately told the teenager to devour the "fairy milk fruit" immediately, and then with Jin Liuer, he could exert the powerful power of the heavenly sword to defeat the Tianpeng Sage.
When Tang Jun heard the words of Kirin Sage, he was so excited that he immediately told Jin Liuer everything, and then suddenly went underground and disappeared.
It took An Tangjun six kilometers to get into the ground before he stopped sitting underground and devouring and absorbing the terrorist energy in "Fairy Butter".
At this time, the Tianpeng Shengjungen didn’t look at the master of the Sun clan here. He looked at the crowd and sneered contemptuously. "All the Sun clan immediately gave up their land. From then on, your territory was assigned to the Scattered Fairy Alliance, and his master department of the three clans retreated. Do you have any objection?"
I immediately cheered when I heard the celestial canopy, Saint Regal’s stern voice and scattered fairy alliance, but the sun clan was silent, and all the masters’ faces showed fear, that is, Jin Liuer’s father’s golden war tart was also depressed and bowed his head. All the fairy masters on this side of the sun clan went all out to counter the attack of a semi-holy strong man.