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Otherwise, it may not be so smooth if my cousin and Ling talk about it.

She doesn’t even know whether to thank Ling or to thank Ling for drinking too much!
Anyway, she has come to this step, and she won’t give herself another chance to back down!
Brother Li will give you my most important thing even if he doesn’t love me, so it won’t waste my years of lovesickness.
At this time, no one knew that there was a strange scene in the lobby, and at the same time, Shinohara Snow in the second floor wing made a decision that changed her life.
When Shinohara Snow got up the courage and walked slowly to the side of the soft couch, her eyes were mournful and she looked at the side face of Huang Yin Glass.
Over the years, she has been asking herself a question: Brother Li is not the most handsome man she has ever met, nor is he the most domineering man she has ever met.
But she just can’t say why there are many excellent men this day, but Huang Yin Li just can’t say what’s good about him, but no one can replace him in his own heart.
Shinohara snow slowly takes a seat to burn three-dimensional glass side eyes still with a tender miss moment not blink with him.
In such a quiet room for a moment, Shinohara snow trembled with her fingertips and gently caressed the glass of the phoenix, frowning slightly.
Why is he so restless when he sleeps? !
Shinohara snow fingertips slowly rubbed from his eyebrows as if to smooth the wrinkles, then cooled the fingertips and slowly moved to his tall and straight nose, then to his even breathing nose, and finally stayed on his lavender and curvy thin lips.
Finally, touching Shinohara Snow like this not only made her cheeks red, but even her apex trembled slightly because of nervousness.
Suddenly Shinohara snow obsessed with looking at the burn assumed the glass cheek suddenly spilled a word from his thin lips.
Even if Shinohara snow is calm, it is hard to hold on to this situation!
Is it her in his mouth? Not her?
Surprised, Shinohara Snow also instantly withdrew his hand because of his micro-motion and thin lips!
Sit by his side and wait for a moment, but there is still no sound. Xiao Xue is a little scared. The corner of his eyes looks at Huang Yin Li and then carefully calls out in a low voice, "Brother Li?"
No response, silence, some depression, being able to hear around, leaving a slight uneven breathing in the glass.
Once again, when his lip corner overflowed with some forbearing calls, Shinohara Snow still didn’t act, and the whole person was instantly pulled down by a pair of arms with decisive strength, and only when she was in close contact with her did she find that Huang Yin’s glass body was so hot.
And the scorching temperature also made her feel a little thirsty …
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When Shinohara snow was caught off guard by the burning glass, it fell to his side and supported his posture. Shinohara snow’s hands also unexpectedly pressed the burning glass chest.
After such contact, Shinohara Snow realized that Huang Yin’s glass was beating violently.
At this time, her cheek and burn three-dimensional glass are almost close at hand.
This close contact is the first and perhaps the only time!
Shinohara snow is a little greedy at the moment, and my eyes feel like this, and the candlelight in the wing room is watching carefully the burning glass Toshihiko.
I haven’t seen him for many years, and now his childish outline has become more angular, his eyes closed and his long eyelashes trembled slightly with his breathing.
The skin is bright, the hair line on the forehead is clear, and even the trembling of the nose makes Shinohara crazy.
I love him so much that I love him to death!
Shinohara snow close staring at the burn three-dimensional glass cheek as if there were a moment in her so focused expression that she seemed to see the burn three-dimensional glass eyelid with a struggle and trembling.