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"You really should go to hell, asshole." Sacco finally remembered the former anger and kicked Jericho to the ground. He sat down and played his corpse abuse game again.

Blood splashed out with the sound of dagger piercing the skin. Sacco tirelessly made a mess of Jericho’s body three yards near the blood hole.
"Whoo-hoo, you bastard, your bones are really hard, bitch." Sacco shouted like a circus while waving a dagger.
"Enough" heard the news and rushed into the lane. Chen Senran grabbed Sacco and stabbed the dagger. He didn’t think it was inhuman to Jericho, but Sacco got blood on the girl’s sapphire body.
"Okay, okay, yes, sir." Sacco shook his head nervously and put the dagger in his mouth. He got up and took off his hands to signal that he wouldn’t do it again.
Chen Senran didn’t bother to take care of him. He took one look at Sacco, who was covered in blood, and took one look at her clothes. The girl had to take off her clothes again and put them on her body.
"Damn the second thing this month," Chen Senran complained that he was going to wake up the coma girl.
"Hey, there seems to be something wrong with this bitch," Sacco mumbled as he licked the dagger.
Chen Senran smell speech a surprised immediately turned around to see jericho’s body, which had been stirred to powder. The body gave off a scarlet glow, and the bleeding wounds instantly healed and scarred.
"Scarlet murder …" Chen Senran vaguely remembers Jax telling himself this red light.
But now Jericho should be … Dead. Is it a corpse change?
Chen Senran reflexively carried the unconscious girl to the distance and told Sacco "Give him a few more knives" as he walked.
"Yes, sir." Sacco jumped at him again. Obviously, he hasn’t vented enough just now.
Chen Senran’s eyelids jumped and put the girl away. He got up and saw Sacco getting up from the ground.
"All right, asshole, you’ve angered me again. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m going to cut your meat piece by piece." Sacco smiled and shook his dagger at Jericho.
Just as Sacco was about to touch Jericho’s body, a scarlet light was blazing and Sacco was bounced again.
"plop-"is landing.
"Interesting" was thrown seven times, and Sacco laughed even harder. He crawled to Jericho, trying to get up while climbing, and fell down again. He bit Jericho like a mad dog without feeling pain.
"Bang-"This time it was no longer landing. Before Sacco’s teeth came near Jericho, his body was shot to the wall by the scarlet light, and there was a crisp fracture in the violent impact.
With seven broken ribs, Chen Senran looked at his hand without moving, but he had condensed a slender flame sword.
"Ahem …" Sacco coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood while laughing, and he was still trying to get up and pounce on Jericho.
"What a terrible mad dog!" Jericho just floated up from the ground. He raised his hand and touched his neck. The slender wound had healed. He glanced at Sacco and Chen Senran. "Tut tut, Mr. Chen Senran is really lucky. Today you will see my real power."
He held up his right hand and pointed to Chen Senran’s scarlet light, which became more and more blazing with the dancing all over the sky.
"Blood washes away what you used to know, mortal." His mouth is as cold as a god.
First, it feels worse.
I saw it on page one hundred and four.
More and more scarlet light slowly gathered in Jericho’s palm and finally formed a long-handled weapon similar to a spear in his hand.
Jericho held the scarlet spear high and pointed it straight at Chen Senran’s eyebrows and cocked his neck in an extremely playful tone. "Are you ready to die?" When he spoke, he raised his eyebrows and looked up at Chen Senran as if he were looking at an ant, as if he could run him over with a finger.
Chen Senran didn’t move at all, but when he looked at the scarlet spear, his face showed a trace of dignity. The pressure on that face was very strong, and the spear pointed at the eyebrows with some dull pain.
The flame sword across the chest Chen Senran slowly closed his eyes and instantly entered the world of extreme water flow.
Chen Senran saw what the scarlet spear represented in the water world. I remember that once Jericho’s fist made him feel like a raging waterfall, but this time the spear was rushing into the river.
Chen Senran absolutely believes that he will immediately turn into a pool of mud when he is wiped by that spear.
Inhale deeply, Chen Senran grasped the flame with his hands, and the spirit of the big sword constantly extracted the scarlet flame power through three-phase force. In a recent evaluation, Ritz told himself that the physical strength can now overload the scarlet flame by 40%, which is close to his 30% strength. Chen Senran doesn’t know how strong Ritz’s 30% strength is. He knows that if this 30% strength can’t stop the next blow, then he …
Jericho waited for Chen Senran’s rest, and it seemed that he didn’t care what Chen Senran had. He even had time to yawn and he threw him aside. Sacco got up again.
"You just seemed to stab me very much?" Jericho put Sacco in the middle of the class. "Does it hurt?"
The clown, whose seven ribs were broken, smiled and spat hard. The spit was evaporated into water vapor by a sudden scarlet light three yards away from Jericho.
"Tut tut is really a mangy dog." Jericho didn’t get angry at this time, but made a graceful remark and threw Sacco back to the ground. "Wait until I kill your master, and then I’ll pick you up. Oh, by the way, you said you would cut my meat piece by piece. Good idea. I’ll cut your meat piece by piece later." He spoke quietly and lifted the spear again.
"Hey, are you ready?" Jericho yawned again, and the spear in his hand was already eager to try.
Chen Senran is still motionless with his eyes closed. There are scarlet flame lines on his body surface, and a little bit emerges and swims like a thin snake.
The power of scarlet flame has been pushed to the extreme, and the flame sword in his hand has changed from lux to white, and the whole body has some swelling pain due to overload and the same strength, but he has no intention of starting work because he knows that the opportunity once lies when Jericho taught Sacco a lesson, and he kept catching possible flaws with his spirit.
But it’s a pity that the rushing river has no place to cut off.
The flame lines are getting brighter and brighter, and there are signs of cracking in some places. He knows that if he doesn’t make moves, his body will collapse first.
Wait, collapse … Your body will collapse. What about Jericho? He has such a strong power, but he doesn’t make it once at ordinary times. It seems that he is also a force, but he was stopped by Dreius. Besides being afraid of exposing something, this force should be unstable …
"Forget it, you go to hell." Jericho finally got tired of waiting. Holding the scarlet spear in his right hand, he threw it and disappeared completely in a moment.
Where is it? Gone …
In the world of water flow, a rushing river suddenly disappeared at the moment when Jericho made his move, which was the first time that Chen Senran learned to be extremely knowledgeable.
Cold sweat flowed from the forehead and was instantly evaporated into water vapor when flowing through those flame lines.
The first steam rises …
"Snow-"sharp weapon pierced the * * sound.
For a moment, Chen Senran was nailed to the ground by the scarlet spear, and the other side was stronger than he thought.
The white flame sword in your hand dissipates in an instant.
The rushing river in the water world directly runs through this thin pebble. When Chen Senran opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but want to spit out one mouthful blood, only to find that nothing was spit out and his blood flowed … not being dragged into that river.
I struggled hard to pull out the spear, only to find that my body collapsed first. Because of my overload, the scarlet flame was added, but the force was repelled back. Those frantic forces ate themselves.
The skin broke inch by inch with those flame lines, but in a moment, Chen Senran felt the pain of hell fire burning his soul again because of the rapid healing of scarlet flame.
"Tut tut Chen Senran aren’t you very arrogant and powerful? The general also told me how powerful he was and told me not to mess with you. As a result, you are just as vulnerable? " Jericho finally recovered himself at this moment. He laughed arrogantly. "When I kill you, I’ll go to your darling. I’ll kill her hard. Hahahahahahaha. It’s a pity that you can’t see that interesting scene. It’s a pity …"
Girl … Chen Senran hands shored up the ground trembling want to get up.
Is it really a dead end? No, no, think about it. There must be a way …
It’s impossible to support his body for that long. Such a powerful force is definitely not something he can keep in shape for a long time …
Hold on … Hold on to Chen Senran biting his teeth seems to be the end of feeling those physical pains.
"Worm …" Jericho snorted coldly and raised his right hand again. He didn’t find that Sacco, a dead dog he regarded as insignificant, was missing.
"Jericho, I will never let you get away with it. I will kill you." Of course, Chen Senran can’t, because he’s an idiot. He’s found Sacco missing.
Maybe this is the only chance …
"Say goodbye to this beautiful world, and I will take good care of your little baby for you. Ha ha ha ha ha …" Jericho couldn’t help covering his face when he thought of the happy place.
"Die …" He lowered his right hand slowly …