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Sun Wu looked at the emerald for a long time and his accent was hoarse. It seemed that something had blocked his throat. "Is he really dead?"

Silently like a statue, the general’s head seemed to return to god. His dark eyes glanced at Sun Wu’s deep gratitude, but he didn’t mean to start work on Sun Wu at all.
"Seeking benevolence is a fair death honors the whole life." Sun Wu looked straight at the emerald sword and smiled sharply. Finally, he even laughed at the blood. "It’s a pity …"
"It’s a pity that electrocution can’t be reported in the end … but …" Cherish the word has not been exported. Sun Wu leaned on the ground and the bronze broken stick was thrown out by him, but he finally fell to the ground halfway because of lack of strength. After a few crunches, he rolled to burnham’s feet.
Sun Wu looked at the copper-yellow broken stick wearily and felt sleepy. He wanted to say something, but finally he couldn’t resist the pain and torture. He fell straight back and rolled like a rocky mountain into the darkness.
General burnham stopped looking at the entrance, kicked a broken stick and watched it roll unsteadily and hit the emerald sword. When it touched it, it sounded crisp like a bird’s song in the silent night.
"It’s a pity," he said to himself and then looked at the distant mountain again.
On that mountain, a guy in a dark cloak is also looking at the brightly lit old palace.
"That’s all I can do for you, old friend," he whispered to the night.
Thousands of miles away, at the beginning of the shower at the War College.
The dim lights wandered around the street corners and lanes, and there was brisk music coming out of the door of the theater. At night, the carriage threw a ringing bell at the end of the street, and everything seemed peaceful and calm.
No one will know that many people died in the granite mountain thousands of miles away tonight, and the whole mountain year may be covered with blood, and no one will know that a meteor-like man died tonight
So no one will know what Heath Ledger is thinking at the moment.
Raindrops dripping from shabby tents and shabby lanterns flickering in the cold night wind.
Heath ledger reached out to pick up a drop of rain flower, and the cold feeling spread in the palm of his hand, which was very cold.
Those red eyes like hungry beasts …
"I really want to kill you," Heath Ledger said in a low voice, watching her knee sister still frowning from time to time in her sleep.
"Brother …" Jessica shouted again.
"I’m here," Heath Ledger said. She was talking and didn’t care.
"Don’t kill people," Jessica said faintly. "We’re not demons."
Heath ledger froze there, the devil …
"How come?" It was a long time before Heath Ledger smiled and said, "We are good people, not demons."
"Well, it’s a good man." Jessica smiled more pure than that, which reminded Heath Ledger that many years ago, red carp could be seen at the bottom of his hometown pond in spring.
"Go to sleep, I’ll watch you." Heath Ledger also smiled, but looked out through the gap in the tent into the silent night.
Nice guy … Got some candy?
First Geng
I shouldn’t have played lol, but I accidentally hit it twice.
All right, try to code the horse for the second watch
On page seventy-one, I will miss you so much.
Facing fate, people died in the rainy night, while ordinary people just started in the morning.
Chen Senran opened his eyes when the first ray of sunshine shone through the colored glass on the second floor of this old and exquisite lakeside villa. This is because he is used to being too disordered, which will disrupt a killer’s keen fighting intuition. He wanted to grab his bedside pistol but stood there when he raised his hand.
Although he has been in this world for almost a year, many times when he wakes up from his sleep, Chen Senran will realize that he still lives in a world with a pistol and air pollution.
Looked up and took a look at the ceiling depicting complicated patterns. Chen Senran touched his nose with a wry smile. At this time, he realized that his arm was still hanging with a small drag bottle. He thought that my little girl would not go to sleep last night. He arranged a pink bed for her and insisted on sticking to his bed. He couldn’t help showing a narrow expression.
Will be lifted out of the little girl’s delicate and clean face. Looking at the little girl with her eyes closed, her delicate eyelashes are constantly shaking and cute. Chen Senran gently squeezed little Anne’s pink nose. After a while, the little girl’s whole face became red.
"Well," the little girl’s original claw fish is generally wrapped around Chen Senran’s arms and limbs, and she is not allowed to beat up Chen Senran’s body.
"Ah blare-"
Chen Senran’s body froze. Since he was attacked by a little girl in vain when he was injured, he has cast a shadow over the little girl’s little white teeth.
"That tender (big bad guy) … wants to eat (bite you to death) …" The little girl tugged at Chen Senran’s tough arm like a little wolf.
"If you don’t let go, the wolf will eat people." Chen Senran pretended to be painfully blunt at the little girl and grinned at Xiao Anne immediately.
"Luo Luo Luo ….." The little girl smiled and kept drilling into Chen Senran’s arms. The whole person once again wrapped around half of his body like a claw fish. "The big bad guy bullied the little girl with shame."
"Why do you like biting me so much?" Chen Senran smiled and touched the little girl’s little head and felt that the sunshine was particularly warm today.
"Leave my mark on you so that if you get lost, I can find you at the first time." The little girl twisted a delicate body and climbed to Chen Senran’s chest with beautiful big eyes and said without thinking.
The sunshine poured down from her head and reflected the little girl’s pink hair as pure and beautiful as a layer of golden holy light.
"Stupid …" Chen Senran put her messy hair together for the little girl. "That’s why I’m looking for you."
"No, I must find you first, because I will miss you so much." The little girl’s words are immature and don’t taste clean, just like the sunshine above her head.
Chen Senran silently laughed and kissed the little girl’s face, which of course provoked the little girl to be shy and punched, but then she said, "Kiss again ~"
Er … Chen Senran just got up and smashed on the bed again.
It’s better than a beautiful and warm morning.
The dark room is still unlit.
La Livache looked down and dared not say a word. Piero struck a table with some interest. "Do you feel it?"
"You mean those little ants want to harass us?" After thinking for a long time, Piero said carefully that he couldn’t take a breath in front of La Livache since those two things the other day. "Tyrone wasn’t afraid, but the embryo killing was a bit tricky. Why didn’t you let me stop Lax from sending that letter?"
"Why do you think I arrested Katrina instead of killing her?" La Livache casually asked 1 to continue banging on the table, obviously not thinking about it.