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Suzaku demon god suddenly stopped his figure, and his mind searched the ravine. As expected, the dragon scared tree was gone, and he stared at Jinyang furiously. Suddenly, he saw Jinyang’s burning sun, which made him alert. With his eyes, he couldn’t see what kind of fire it was. Although he was angry, he just said coldly, "Hand over the dragon scared tree, and I can keep your whole body."

With a snort of cold, Jinyang immediately sneered, "I have never been in the habit of spitting out what I got from God. It’s not impossible to take it back, but you have to knock me down first. You can take anything from my body, but that depends on your ability."
As one of the Five Patrons of the Wanyao Temple, the Suzaku Demon God is also an excellent master in the whole Nanshan Prefecture. He is definitely the one who stomps his feet and can make the whole Nanshan Prefecture shake three times. Apart from being bullied by Xiandao tens of thousands of years ago, he has never been so sulky for tens of thousands of years, and suddenly roared, "Shame on you, little true fairy dares to challenge this demon god and prepare to die."
"Look at the fight." Jinyang didn’t dare to let him have any time to think, so he had to be more angry. So he took the lead in moving his hand and turned out a fine iron bar in his hand, which was transformed from the’ Golden Light Array’ in the Ten-Array Diagram, which contained the spirit of heavenly gold and was indestructible.
Jinyang shows Vulcan armor, which is to save lives. At this time, I dare not use Vulcan warfare directly, or I don’t want a cup of tea. There will be countless western Buddhist masters gathered here. Even the jade emperor will not dare to give his life to protect him, and I am sure that I will make public anger. The jade emperor’s shrewdness will definitely not do it.
Rosefinch demon god will see Jinyang in his eyes. If he hadn’t found out that the flame on his body was a bit weird, he would have spit out the fire of Rosefinch God and directly baked it. But he didn’t expect to see a black iron bar smashing at the other door in a moment of slight absence, and he was furious. He raised his hand and blocked it, completely ignoring Jinyang.
"This is a great effort!" Jinyang forced his hand, but he was knocked back by more than ten steps. He was really not a vegetarian, and his strength was not small.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 327 Suzaku Demon God IV
Celestial Volume Chapter 327 Suzaku Demon God IV
However, besides Jinyang’s surprise, Suzaku Demon God had a hard time, and there was a faint numbness in his wrist. If it weren’t for this wristband, which was also a magic weapon of fairy products, this arm would be abolished. Suzaku Demon God couldn’t help but fly into a rage when he thought of this, and his mouth slammed open, spitting out a black light, which became long when he saw the wind, and turned into a black feather fan.
But when the Suzaku demon god got it, it took hundreds of years to refine it with 36 tail feathers falling from the tail and a lucky top feather from the sun. Among them, it contains the essence of Suzaku Shenhuo, and the residual soul of the three-legged sun is extremely powerful.
An ordinary magic weapon will be melted as soon as it is touched. The feather fan itself is not black, but the essence of Suzaku Shenhuo, plus the sun fire, is too overbearing, trying to prepare to burn everything, the surrounding space is burned away, and the light can’t run away naturally, so it looks black.
In a blink of an eye, Jinyang rallied again, turned up black iron bars, and came again. In an instant, it was the turn of Suzaku Demon God’s other. At the moment when the cold light flashed, the cold evil spirit hit Suzaku Demon God’s other.
It turns out that the golden sun can’t hit, knowing that the other party is, after all, a true fairy superior, and its strength is a matter of course. Even if the black iron bar made by the supreme demon body can’t hurt him, it secretly uses the nine Yin Shaqi in the array, and includes the gas of the heavenly gold, trying to sneak up on the other side of the Suzaku demon body.
"It’s ridiculous that the villain also wants to win me."
Feeling the evil wind approaching other people, Suzaku Demon God immediately sneered. After all, he is an expert in Nanshan, and fighting and fighting are all open-handed. There, like Jinyang, they either beat each other to the punch, and they went straight for the other side’s key. From time to time, they also put a few arrows in the back. Although it won’t have much power, it is also troublesome.
Swing it casually, wherever the feather fan goes. Suzaku’s divine fire is awesome, and the heat wave is rolling. The qi of heaven and gold, the qi of nine yin and shaqi, have all turned into nothingness, which obviously does not belong to the same level, and there can be a fight with the essence of Suzaku Shenhuo.
Although the black iron bar melted by the Supreme Demon was bounced off again, it didn’t hurt much. After all, it is a part of the first monty treasure, but because it is only a part of it, it can’t exert its power.
Jinyang hurried back, his figure flashed, and he revolved around the suzaku demon god at high speed, thinking about countermeasures while turning, and now he took out the’ Golden Dumpling Scissors’ and gave it to him. This obviously doesn’t work. When the innate Lingbao comes out, it will definitely scare the other side back, but it will also attract countless demon gods. Maybe the main fire unicorn of the Wanyao Temple will come, after all, the temptation of the innate Lingbao. That’s endless.
Although there are many innate treasures, they are all concentrated in the hands of a few masters, especially those who teach and intercept. However, those masters all live 33 days away, and there are three sweeping roads in the town. Whoever is too long-lived will go to seize the treasure, which is definitely a dead end.
But suddenly appeared in the hands of a celestial fairy, it will certainly attract numerous masters to rob, and maybe even cause a right and left war, but Jinyang doesn’t want this. Although people who are right and left have something hateful. But after all, they will become the first force to attack western Buddhism, so naturally they can’t kill each other.
Watching the sun keep spinning. Suzaku Demon God was furious at once, and laughed coldly: "Do you think this God can’t move you? You also underestimate this God, and let you see the power of the three-legged sun fire. "
After speaking, Suzaku Demon God immediately threw the feather fan in his hand, and the black feather fan suddenly exploded and enveloped in a golden flame. The feather fan slowly began to change into a strange bird, suspended in the golden flame ball, and the bird was covered with blood-dripping enchanting feathers. The strangest thing was that it had three feet.
Suddenly, the bird suddenly seemed to be coming alive, and let out an extremely harsh scream. Suddenly, the heat in the air instantly increased by more than 100 times. Even for the company commander, Jinyang, who was crouching in the fire, felt a little hot around him. It was the residual soul of the sun, the beast god in the fire, in the feathers on the top.
All the surrounding forests burn inexplicably, and countless rocks with soft texture have exploded in succession. The metals contained in them have all melted into liquid, and they have been wandering around. Originally, they were loaded with fire dragons and scared trees, and most of them have already evaporated. Countless aquarium people can’t bear the heat and are dying.
Like feeling the danger is coming, countless monster beasts who are not dead have turned into shadows and shot in all directions. Numerous demon fairy masters have also broken through the customs and are preparing to curse the sky. But at the sight of Suzaku’s demon body, countless demon fairy have chosen to shut up and grab what they can get, and they have turned into a road. It is still important to flee for life.
Looking at the golden sun standing in mid-air, Suzaku demon thought that he could not bear the heat wave of the ancient sun, and immediately sneered: "I’ll give you another chance, and hand over the dragon tree quickly, or you will be swept away."
He knew that Jinyang was not afraid of the fire at all, and he was still calculating. It is estimated that the master in the whole southern part of the continent can feel such a big scene. Now that it has been exposed, Jinyang has no scruples, and slowly withdraws the black iron bar. In this case, it doesn’t have much effect. The’ golden dumpling scissors’ turn into two golden dragons, swimming in his right hand.
But Jinyang didn’t start work, he was waiting, waiting for the moment when Suzaku demon god was exhausted. Since he was ready to start work, it was about to be heavy, even if he didn’t die, he had to be seriously injured. Jinyang also took a fancy to a feather fan, and the essence of Suzaku Shenhuo contained in it was naturally a good tonic, but the top feather of the three-legged sun was the top tonic.
If it is Zhu Rong in the past, The True Solution of Vulcan has reached the ninth floor, which is almost a success. Naturally, it despises the three-legged sun, but Jinyang is different. It takes thousands of years to reach the fifth floor, and it is impossible to advance to the sixth floor. Moreover, Jinyang can’t wait for thousands of years, so it is necessary to improve its strength in a few years.
Although I can feel that Emperor Yan left something good for myself, Jinyang still doesn’t want to miss the top feather of the three-legged sun. As long as I get this feather fan and concentrate all the essence of Suzaku Shenhuo, plus the little spirit left by the three-legged sun, it will be enough for Jinyang to raise the True Solution of Vulcan to the sixth floor. If you don’t take it cheaply, it will definitely be white.
As for the treasure on the mysterious island, Jinyang has affirmed that it is his own, but it is not so urgent. Anyway, others can’t get it. If you get this feather fan first, it will definitely make a lot of money.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 328 Rosefinch demon god five
Celestial Volume Chapter 328 Rosefinch demon god five
Heaven, Yaochi.
Today, on a whim, the Jade Emperor came to Yaochi to chat with the Queen Mother, and the table was full of nectar, fairy fruit and flat peaches. Five delicate and beautiful princesses were waiting on the side, and the five princesses Zilan Fairy were naturally present.
The queen mother filled the jade emperor with fairy tea, and then casually said, "A few months ago, my maid was deprived of her magic weapon in the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, and she came to me all day to tell me about the fire. . . Master Xu’s anger is really not small. "
Violet heart in a surprised, completely unaware of this matter, in the hall of Lingxiao hit the mother’s maid, which is neither too big nor too small is definitely a crime.
The Jade Emperor gently broke the teacup, sipped a cup of tea, and casually said, "Don’t you understand his temper? Since he taught a lesson, it must be your maid’s fault. Someone should treat him who is arrogant all day. How can such a villain stay in the Heavenly Palace and enter the reincarnation?"
Purple orchid secretly relieved, but the heart is full of questions, who is Jinyang? Why does father defend him so much?
Suddenly, a servant girl came to report: "See Your Majesty, Empress, princesses, the Great God of the Three Tanhai Society."
"that?" The Jade Emperor was a little puzzled and immediately said, "Let him in."
When I was young, that Yi quickly stepped forward, fell to the ground, and immediately reported, "Come on, your majesty, a clairvoyant man has come to report that Master Xu is fighting with the Suzaku demon god in Nan Shan Bu Zhou. The demon god has the ability to climb to the top of the mountain, and I’m afraid Master Xu is no match. I’m here to ask your majesty to decide what to do?"
"Rosefinch demon god? The firebird under Kirin’s firebird seat? " The Jade Emperor was slightly puzzled.
Nayi quickly replied: "Back to your majesty, exactly."
The Jade Emperor was relieved immediately. He said, "If you fight with that unicorn, Xu may really suffer. As for that rosefinch, it’s not ready enough, and Xu won’t take it seriously. In this way, you can muster 100,000 heavenly soldiers. When the suzaku loses, give him a warning. In the future, if the Wanyao Temple dares to disrespect Xu Ma again, the Heaven will definitely impose a heavy penalty. "
"yes, your majesty."
Although Nayi was strange in his heart, he didn’t dare to say much. He quickly ordered hundreds of heavenly soldiers to leave the heaven and fly to Nanbu. After all, it was a heavenly soldier and a heavenly general, and no demon king dared to harass along the way, and the speed was quite fast.
In the barren hills of the East Pole, the heat waves are scattered layer by layer, and the monster beast and the low-order demon fairy have long fled to vanish. Instead, some Jin Xian-level senior demon fairy are constantly approaching. Then they all stayed a hundred miles away, and Jinyang could feel it. Among them, there were seven or eight true fairy masters who stayed a hundred miles away and looked at this side.
I feel that more and more masters are approaching, and Jinyang’s eyebrows turn. Then there was a dispute, and the mouth opened fiercely. Ten shadows flashed out, and when the wind saw it, it rose, turning into a shadow with a height of 100 feet. The supreme demon body transformed by the Ten Commandments did not show its true identity, but its power did not decrease.
The Ten Commandments fiercely wrapped the heat wave and completely sealed it in the array, but the Ten Supreme Demons did not choose to absorb these energies. Just simply wrap it up. It’s like a bomb, a very unstable bomb. Internal energy is constantly filling, as long as a detonated, will conan the destroyer.
Jinyang didn’t let ShiTianJun show his figure, and Suzaku Demon God didn’t know this was the Ten Unique Fierce Array. Otherwise, give him courage, and he would never go on. At the moment, he is in anger, bent on bursting into the power of feather fans, and let Jinyang see his demon god’s name. He is definitely not a vegetarian.
But he didn’t expect that it was this idea, but it happened to be in Jinyang’s heart. Jinyang was afraid of being seen pretending to be flawed, deliberately acting, standing in the array with a strong black light, which was very similar to the black light in the Ten Commandos. It really looked like it was struggling.
Jinyang is actually not hard, the outside temperature is really high, but Jinyang feels that it is like a hot spring. He is waiting, waiting for the moment when Suzaku Demon God completely explodes the power of the sun fire. Even if Suzaku Demon God is a true fairy, he will definitely have the moment when his strength is exhausted. That is the best opportunity for Jinyang to push.
"I’ll see how long you can last." The Suzaku demon sneered, then folded his hands, and the strange bird flew between his hands. The shrill cry was even more piercing, full of unwillingness and jealousy, and then roared: "Suzaku is on fire, the sun is on fire, and the essence of the fire is destroyed by all sides."
"Shit, it’s too big this time." Jinyang body fiercely taut, unprecedented pressure, this essence of Suzaku Shenhuo, coupled with the life’s core monuments Yanghuo of the three-legged sun, is really powerful enough for conan the destroyer, which would have spread out, but Jinyang still won’t feel too much, but he wants to be clever and make a bomb to teach those watching demon fairy outside a lesson, but he didn’t expect to end up being trapped.
Just in the show, at the moment, Jinyang is really struggling. If it weren’t for the abnormal defense ability of Vulcan War and the strong Vulcan body, if the body of an ordinary fairy is estimated to have been torn to pieces, even if it is a true fairy master, I am afraid it will not be spared.
Suzaku Demon God was furious when he saw that it had not been broken. He made such a big fight and attracted countless demon fairy. If he couldn’t destroy the man in front of him, his demon god’s face could be put there in the future, and he suddenly spit out a mouthful of life’s core monuments Jingxue, which was directly absorbed by the three-legged sun, and then roared, "Break it for me! ! !”
Jinyang only felt that his body was about to crack. This uncontrollable feeling was the first time I met him. He gave a loud roar, and his body seemed to be angry, which more than doubled in an instant. The body of Vulcan played to the extreme, and he resisted the attack of Suzaku Demon God, but also caught the only opportunity to attack.