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Looking at Jinyang’s face doesn’t change color, Zhong Kui only feels cold behind him. He still dares to disobey Jinyang’s command, and hurriedly leads his life to do it. The eighteen layers of hell are in the deepest underground, and the unusual Yin God can’t get in. Only he, Zhong Kui, is a monster who can resist the burning of evil yin fire, and his heart is cold. He stares at the evil yin point and suffers from evil fire. There is no end. It is simply a wish to die.

Jinyang directly pinched the secret control method of "devil-refining pot", put the dharma body back into the pot, and then slowly cleaned it up in the future. Although it’s just a Zha kind, the mana contained in the dharma body is also amazing, and it’s certainly easy to create a few masters of Xuanxian, especially Zilan, who is on the verge of getting started with Shinto. As long as she can get started, the energy required is scary.
He casually waved a real fire of burning sun, directly burned the residue on the ground, then clapped his hands indifferently, looked at the ten halls of Hades who were dying, and said faintly, "Did you see it?" This guy is a fake. You have been loyal to a fake for ten thousand years. If you want to save Fengdu Emperor people, come with me. I already know the place of detention. "
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Celestial Volume Chapter 437 The forbidden area of the underworld
Celestial Volume Chapter 437 The forbidden area of the underworld
Looking at the judge Cui Yu, he also wanted to go with him. Jinyang immediately refused, telling the truth that he had to stay, and the Ten Temples of Hades had to go. The real Fengdu Emperor didn’t know how to squat there, and he had to take care of many matters in the underworld.
Of course, in addition to the stability of the hell, Jinyang thinks more about the need for a real steward in the hell, rather than the ten-hall Yan who spent all day in the secret room practicing the law, or he often closed down for hundreds of years until he was replaced and imprisoned, and finally no one could find out.
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, after the death of all things in the three realms, the three souls and seven spirits will automatically dissipate, leaving only the true spirit. The spirit refiner can keep the Yuan God together, and the true spirit will live forever. However, the true spirit of ordinary creatures will generally enter the hell after death. According to the hidden virtues accumulated during his lifetime, it is judged whether to enter the eighteen layers of hell to suffer, or to enter The six great divisions in the wheel of karma for reincarnation. Of course, memories will pass away in just visiting.
Although Jinyang became the emperor of heaven, he lived on earth and had parents. After his parents died, his soul also entered the underworld. He had great magic power and could retrieve his parents’ three souls, seven souls and true spirits, but he didn’t do so.
Jinyang’s parents are not among the eight ethnic groups, but ordinary human beings, who are born, died and reincarnated, which is the life they should have. Jinyang doesn’t want to bring them to the bizarre mythical world, which is not a kind of happiness for them, but a kind of torture in disguise.
Therefore, Jinyang hopes that Cui Yulai will be the Lord of the underworld. Only a kind person like him will be kind to the true spirit who has entered the underworld, and will not scratch the soul for no reason to refine the heterodox multiplier. Jinyang wants his parents to live an ordinary life, but he doesn’t want their true spirits to be caught by heretics and refined into heretical instruments after their death. It is definitely worse than death, and it is better to be completely lost.
Cui Yu knew that Jinyang had so many ideas. Although he really wanted to follow Jinyang to rescue Fengdu Emperor, Fengdu Emperor was grateful to him and was imprisoned by the demon at the moment. Naturally, he won’t stand by and watch, but Jinyang is the great emperor sent by heaven. Jinyang ordered him to stay and deal with many matters, but he naturally dared not complain.
Feather spirit released the original power of protection, wrapped the ten halls of Yan, and quickly flew to the Dojo of the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva, where the real center of the underworld was, while Jinyang offered a "devil-refining pot" to hide his whole body breath. Walking alone at the edge.
Originally, after Jinyang solved the huge poison, he didn’t need to go to the earth treasure bodhisattva. It must be one of the secret strongholds of the demon outside the territory, and no one could predict the disaster, but Jinyang had a reason to go. During his ten years of seclusion, he used the "Eight Hanging Gods Algorithm" of the God King Fuxi to calculate it many times. But no matter how much magic he used, he just couldn’t find the whereabouts of the remaining one soul and seven souls.
With Jinyang’s current strength, he was puzzled by this result, and so was it before he was refined into an incarnation. He could not find the location of his soul, but on the eve of the incarnation being calculated. Suddenly detected the whereabouts of one of the main souls, which made Jinyang realize that the remaining seven souls were probably controlled by the demon.
Originally, it was the underworld that controlled the soul, but as far as the current situation is concerned, not only the underworld, but also the king of earth treasure has certainly been controlled by the demon outside the territory, and the remaining seven souls of the God Emperor are estimated to have been controlled by the demon.
Earlier, Jinyang didn’t care much about the remaining souls. Because he also has a complete three souls and seven souls at present. But compared with the soul of God Emperor, it is much weaker. But there is no risk.
However, since Jinyang saw Sanqing, I realized that there is a big gap between myself and Sanqing. If I can’t find the scattered soul, I can’t catch up with Sanqing in a short time.
There are many shortcuts to improve strength, but the most realistic and simple one is to find one soul and seven souls scattered outside, reunite the God Emperor Yuan Shen, and then merge with the incarnation to achieve the glory of the God Emperor in the past. Although it may not be able to surpass Sanqing, at least it will not fall behind, plus the founding artifact "devil-refining pot", at least it can also fight evenly.
Jinyang didn’t want to compete with Sanqing, but with Sanqing’s current strong strength, he was so cautious when dealing with the war after 90 years. If Jinyang didn’t have enough strength, it would be difficult for him to survive the war after 90 years, not to mention protecting Zilan Jinxiao and so many disciples. Even if Jinyang finally survived, he would be a loner.
Fast, near the center, it belongs to the forbidden area of hell, and soon it is close to the dark green valley. Along the way, Jinyang didn’t see any ghosts at all, and it was surrounded by dark blood, and the evil wind was rustling, which was at least one hundred times worse than the outside world. Let alone ordinary kids, even ordinary yin gods, could not bear this biting evil wind.
Slowly approaching the valley, the howling of ghosts and wolves around became louder and louder, and large blood clouds followed slowly, just like a huge appearance, wrapping all around the valley in Wan Li.
Jinyang had already noticed it, but he didn’t hesitate. He continued to fly to the valley, but secretly sent a message to Yu Ling, hoping that he could use the "Founding the Five Elements to Destroy the Demon Array" to ban the central area of the underworld. First, when fighting later, the energy would not overflow violently, which would not cause panic in the whole underworld, and at the same time, he could not let the Earth treasure bodhisattva escape. Otherwise, if he wanted to seize his chance again, it would be much more slim.
Looking at Yu Ling’s indifferent appearance, Jinyang felt resentful in his heart, but there was nothing he could do about it. In the previous agreement, Yu Ling only had the obligation to protect Jinyang’s life, and there was nothing he could do. He hurriedly said, "What about some memories left by Fu Xi, the god king, in the array of gods, as long as you use the" Founding the Five Elements to Destroy Demons ",these memories will be passed on to you?"
Feather spirit’s eyes flashed off without even saying a word. At the same time of high-speed flight, 36 hills came out from behind him, flying rapidly in all directions, and landed in some unremarkable places in the nearby area. Virtually, the "Founding Five Elements to Destroy the Demon Array" has risen.
Jinyang secretly turned his tongue. In contrast, Jinyang’s magic array can only be called a trick, which is not worth mentioning at all.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 438 Too careless
Celestial Volume Chapter 438 Too careless
When the "Founding Five Elements Destroying Demon Array" comes out, the breath can still come in and out freely, but the creatures can only go in, but they can’t go out. This magical array is amazing, and it is worthy of being the elite of the founding protoss, and its hand is different.
A burst of jealousy has flown a hundred miles outside the valley. At this time, it was discovered that the black smoke filled the place is a huge mountain, which is tall and majestic, and it is absolutely no less than the Jade Emperor Mountain in heaven. It is known as the Tianzhu of Hell, and in the valley below it, it is the Dojo of the Bodhisattva, the King of Earth, and below it is The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
The whole mountain was shrouded in thick smoke, and the heaven and earth were covered with dark blood red, and the evil wind was like a blade. Everywhere, the mountain was cut into pieces, and the dark-colored trees were cut into pieces. But at the moment when the golden light flashed, the trees and rocks returned to normal, and the thick golden Buddha’s light was slowly sprinkled, which made people feel heart-warming, making people feel like bathing in the spring breeze.
A few people stood on the cloud and stared at the evil wind in front of them. The Ten Temple Yan is the Yin Jun. Naturally, they knew that this evil wind was severe, but it was scraped out of the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. Let alone ordinary rocks, even fine iron, as long as it was scraped gently, it would suddenly turn into crushed iron powder. Ten people dared not move forward, and they turned to Jinyang to see how Jinyang could cope with the evil wind.
Jinyang was sullen, his eyes suddenly brightened, and one eye glowed with purple light and the other with golden light. He stared at the unique valley mercilessly, and the whole body suddenly felt a little cold. Jinyang wanted to use the "Golden Dumpling Scissors", but on second thought, he slowly withdrew from his body. Since it is the secret stronghold of the demon, there must be many demons inside, so it is definitely not something that the innate Lingbao can easily deal with.
Jinyang didn’t want to turn to Yu Ling, so he had no choice. Mouth, colorless and transparent, the true fire is rolling out. Although the fire is colorless, the Ten Temple Yan can also feel its power. Wherever the transparent flame goes, the space twists, which shows its power. Overbearing matchless scorching sun and true fire, overwhelming and crashing into the valley. The black fog encountered was burned clean.
Although the true fire of inflammation and yang is fierce, the dark fog seems to be endless. No matter how much the fire in Cindy Yang burns, there will be new smoke immediately, which will slowly wrap the true fire and eat away at it. Smoke keeps pouring out, but the real fire in the sun is exhausted, and in a short time, the real fire is consumed.
Jinyang was furious at once, with a mouthful, and once again spewed out a big fire of inflammation and yang, and his hands were slightly entangled, shooting a purple and gold. The real fire was supplemented by the original divine power, and suddenly it was like taking a big tonic, and the speed was increased several times for no reason, just like the hoodoo across the starry sky, with black and red smoke at the tail, lashing at the black fog.
The black fog was as solid as gold. However, it was able to withstand the impact of Zijin true fire, and suddenly it broke through the fog like a jealous boat flying, and suddenly it churned wildly, spreading out on both sides unwilling. Wherever the real fire was burning, a spacious passage with hundreds of feet suddenly appeared, and many strange scenery in the passage suddenly appeared in front of everyone.
Jinyang opened the way, the feather spirit broke, and the ten halls of Yan played drums in their hearts. But there is no way out. I can only bite the bullet and rush inside, just entering the inside of the channel. They only feel that their eyes shine at the moment, and it is no longer dark and bloody. In the golden world, there are golden lotus flowers, wonderful trees of Zen wood and sacred peaches everywhere, and there are faint girls flying in the sky and eight dragons looming.
The space is full of pure Buddha’s power. Jinyang and Yuling are both fine, and their original divine power has all-inclusive properties. Even if they stand in the Buddha’s power, there is no damage at all. However, unlike the Ten Temples of Hades, their bodies are ghosts. Although they are ghosts, they are still ghosts after all. What they are most afraid of is the energy such as Buddha’s immortal light, which will be unbearable when they encounter it.
Ten Temple Hades did not hesitate, and took out their magic weapons with their hands. Most of them braved the black spirit, and evil spells were looming. Many of them were mixed with the sound of brotherhood of the Wolf. Obviously, they were all left-handed spiritual treasures, which sprayed life’s core monuments’s vitality without capital and were nourished by it. These left-handed spiritual treasures shot out evil spirits in succession, turned into black and gray spiritual clouds, suspended above their heads, and overflowed with a strong yin spirit to stop the erosion of the Buddha’s power.
Get rid of the erosion of the Buddha’s power, and see that the robe of the king has been eroded, and there are spots everywhere. The Ten Temples of Hades suddenly became furious, and they used to attack Lingbao with them. Most of the ten treasures were wrapped in evil spells, and the spirit of Yin evil spirit was full, so they joined together and slowly began to fight back against the Buddha’s power all over the sky.
"no!" Jinyang shouted loudly: "It’s all my fault. I was too impatient just now and didn’t find out clearly. Before that, the array was a guardian array, and its function was very limited. But now our place is not a real valley, but a huge magic array. We are all trapped in the magic array. To tell you the truth, the people who arranged the array are not the King of Earth Hidden, but pure foreign celestial demons. Be careful!"
Jinyang stood still in mid-air, but he didn’t dare to find out. He knew that Yu Ling’s face had changed. With his strength as the founder of Zhengshen, although he was seriously injured, his strength is less than one tenth, but after all, he belongs to the founding protoss elite, which can make him change color. The level of this magic array is obviously high, and Jinyang also dare not be careless again. The "devil’s refining pot" immediately flies out and hangs over his head.
Knowing each other’s strength, Yu Ling had already let go of the Ten Temples of Hades, and started to work with all her strength. Her eyes were shot with golden light, and she stared around now. She carefully began to look for the array eyes. There are many array laws in the world, even the famous array kill array, which is mostly like crossing the river, but the basic principle is basically the same. As long as she finds the array eyes and tries her best to break them, the large array will naturally be broken.
Of course, if the battle is too weak, the powerful, or powerful multiplier, can be forced to break, but at present, Jinyang is completely clueless, and the heart is already cold. If it weren’t for Yu Ling, the founding god, Jinyang couldn’t even find the magic array, and perhaps he would have caught the road long ago and become the dish of the day demons.
Unlike Yu Ling, Jinyang is strong enough, and has started to move around. Jinyang dare not move at all, because he has long discovered that although Yu Ling is moving, every step is in accordance with a certain law. After watching it for so long, Jinyang still can’t find out the law.
Ten Temple Yan is even worse. Many people’s faces have long changed. If ten people are not good at combining wars, they will stand according to the wars after entering the channel. It is estimated that they have long been involved in the magic array.
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Celestial volume Chapter 439 Joint sneak attack
Celestial volume Chapter 439 Joint sneak attack
Jinyang didn’t dare to move, but his mind could still move. Seeing that the feather spirit was constantly turning, he couldn’t help it, so he said with his mind, "How’s it going? Can you find out where the eye is? "
Feather spirit didn’t immediately answer him, gently put the body a longitudinal, wrapped around divine power, and those golden light faint collision, after many sparks, this just flew into the air, look around, quietly standing in the air, eyes glittering, wrapped in golden light corners of the mouth, with filar silk smile.
Just as he took a step forward, he turned around fiercely, his hands turned into African claws, tearing the space hard, and a figure was caught hard. The huge African claws directly wrapped the figure and pulled it out hard, and the surrounding space was violently shaken, and the feather spirit fiercely flew into the crack.
"Go!" Jinyang seized the opportunity, and his body flew fiercely towards the crack. Although the Ten Temple Yan was weak, he still had the level of Xuanxian, and his strength was passable. At least he knew to run for his life, followed Jinyang’s back and shot the crack fiercely.
"Ah. . 。 ” As soon as the screaming came out, there were several muffled grunts, and then something fell to the ground.
Out of the magic array, Jinyang stared at it, and the man in the feather claw was recognized by Jinyang. It was one of the Zha-kind legacies of the sneak attack on the incarnation that day. A few people lying on the ground were also the Zha-kind legacies of their own dharma bodies, but they were of human descent, so besides the dharma bodies, their self-cultivation was also very high, and they all had the realm of Xuanxian, but Road flyover Liu Ya and the Thousand-Face Demon were absent.
Although their strength is good, but meet feather spirit this old monster, nature is vulnerable. Feather spirit only made a few moves and completely conquered these guys.
Just then, there was a gentle clap in the distance. The sound was from far and near, and it was very fast. It just seemed to be a hundred miles away, and it suddenly caught my eyes. I saw a young man in a golden suit, with several strange-looking tunnel people. All of them are gloomy faces, staring at Jinyang.
Headed by a man, dressed in a pale blue brocade, pale, but full of vitality in his eyes, he is obviously a master, especially he and Yu Ling are both against each other. There was murderous look in my eyes, and when I saw Jinyang suddenly, I said happily, "Good skill, all the giant poisons I personally developed won’t kill you. You can rise in decades, and you really have your own set."
Young people dress like scholars. If they are a little older, they must be a scribe. Suddenly, something seemed to come to my mind, and my face suddenly changed dramatically. I was furious and said, "Well. . . ? No, how can you have an antidote? You killed the mastiff? Although he is not right with this god, he is my clan after all. You humble monks, if you dare to kill my people, you will all die. "
Day demon is day demon, still talking in front, but words haven’t finished, then let out a roar of roars, whisking out a golden light, and the illusion in the golden light is entangled, forming an overwhelming trend in a blink of an eye, and falling rapidly towards everyone. Among them, the goddess scattered flowers. Lotus winding, ancient wood strange fragrance.