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Gary was greatly wronged and shouted, "I feel that you pushed your hand on my waist and made great efforts."

"You must feel wrong!"
"I didn’t."
After arguing for a while, they didn’t get what they wanted. Then they came to apologize to Zhang Chengyuan. Then Yu Jae Seok smiled again. "Although Cheng Yuan accidentally missed because of us, he slipped, but he didn’t win for a while. Anyway, the members of the first two teams didn’t pass this card." At this time, it is far to be expected that the other two teams will be stuck in the back.
Zhang Chengyuan sighed and said, "I don’t think we can make it with you in Brother Shi." His words seemed to mean something else.
Gary listened to something but echoed a few words. He still had some complaints in his heart. Yu Jae Seok seemed to push him on purpose just now.
And Yu Jae Seok naturally understood Zhang Chengyuan’s words, but pretended not to understand, "Cheng Yuan, you can rest assured that I will be careful for a while and will not affect you and strive for good performance."
Then I walked on for about 100 meters until I arrived at a card, and there was also a worker waiting there, and then I told them that this card was to answer questions. There was a requirement that three people take turns to answer the questions correctly, and then the players could not discuss with each other or eavesdrop on other people’s answers.
Hearing this, Zhang Chengyuan guessed that their team might not pass this card again because Yu Jae Seok was asked to answer the wrong question on purpose, so he and gary were both right, but it didn’t surprise him that Yu Jae Seok was the first to answer, but instead of deliberately answering the wrong question, he answered it neatly.
Then Zhang Chengyuan’s second question before answering was to read out the two words behind "Heaven and Earth are mysterious and yellow" in thousands of words.
Perhaps this topic is quite difficult for most Koreans, because there are not many Koreans who know Chinese now, otherwise the members of the first two teams will not be able to successfully pass this card and challenge the back card, but it is too easy for Zhang Chengyuan, who is proficient in ancient Chinese, to pass it smoothly, but he is a little puzzled. What is not difficult for the program group this time? For example, let him answer difficult questions alone?
Finally, gary is left. If he can answer this question correctly, then Zhang Chengyuan’s team will be able to leave in the Great Wall competition, and it is the first team at this stage. Obviously, gary has nothing to do with Chinese. When he heard the staff read the topic to him lightly, he immediately became a fool and didn’t know how to answer it. He simply babbled for a while and didn’t know what he was reading, which caused Yu Jae Seok and the staff to burst into laughter.
And Zhang Chengyuan is wry smile, because he finally understood that Yu Jae Seok didn’t answer anything intentionally just now, because Yu Jae Seok knew gary couldn’t answer this question, and it was not difficult for Zhang Chengyuan to get the program group in this card, which is probably the reason.
Then the three of them continued to walk to the back card. Yu Jae Seok walked over to Zhang Chengyuan and said, "Chengyuan, I just behaved well. If gary didn’t live up to expectations, we would have been able to communicate."
Gary couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing at this, but he didn’t refute it because it was really his fault this time. He had nothing to say.
Zhang Chengyuan didn’t speak. When he didn’t hear Yu Jae Seok’s words, Yu Jae Seok was not embarrassed and still smiling.
In a short time, Zhang Chengyuan and others came to the third place, where there was still a worker waiting for them. Later, they told them that this was a game of rock, scissors and cloth, but it was a little different. The stone, scissors and cloth were represented as martial arts postures, and instead of fuels, snake-shaped hands and bright wings of cranes, in Zhang Chengyuan’s eyes, the move of bright wings of cranes was like bright wings of chickens.
However, no matter how the shape changes, it is the same as stone, scissors and cloth. It is not very difficult. What is really difficult is that it requires three members to be better than the workers. If one of them does not win, it will be a failure
When Yu Jae Seok started to challenge again, perhaps knowing that Zhang Chengyuan was very powerful in this game, Yu Jae Seok wanted to lose the game at the beginning. However, because this game was very luck-oriented, especially when he made his first move, and Yu Jae Seok was obviously quite lucky today, he won the first hand. When he won, he barely squeezed out a smile and wrote "Reluctantly" respectively.
Then gary, he was lucky today, and he won the first prize. He was so happy that he laughed straight. That smile was much more sincere than that of Yu Jae Seok just now.
Chapter one thousand two hundred When the game is going on (2)
Then it was Zhang Chengyuan’s turn, but when he was about to start, the workers made a special request to him to take out a black cloth and blindfold him. Obviously, he wanted to gamble with him on luck, not on technology.
Seeing this, Zhang Chengyuan immediately looked at Yu Jae Seok and asked if he had tipped off the program group. Otherwise, how would the program group know that he was good at this game? Moreover, we should also know that he is very good at this game, and he relies on observing his opponent’s body movements to make judgments, otherwise he will not be blindfolded, because after blindfolding, he will naturally observe his opponent’s body movements.
Yu Jae Seok didn’t speak and smiled at Zhang Chengyuan, slightly apologetic, but more proud. You’ll know that he was a snitch!
But even knowing that Yu Jae Seok was a snitch, Zhang Chengyuan can’t complain about him, and it won’t help to blame him for the eye situation. At this time, he can rely on luck. After all, he promised Xiao Jing that he couldn’t make Yuan Shenli and Qi in the game, so he knew his opponent’s situation after blindfolding. Although his ears were keen, he really couldn’t tell what his opponent would do in a moment because he didn’t have special training, so he didn’t do it at this time.
However, Zhang Chengyuan’s luck has never been so good. If he hadn’t tried his best to win all these years on his own, he would never have lived so well. Today, his luck is still not so good and he simply lost, so the third card still failed.
At this time, we can already see that Li Yanxi Team 1 and Small Crystal Team have gone back. Obviously, gary has passed a certain card, but he can’t help but feel disappointed. But he can’t blame Zhang Chengyuan. After all, it is understandable to lose the game in this situation. Although Yu Jae Seok is disappointed and sighing repeatedly, his eyes are somewhat happy.
Looking at the small crystal getting closer to the figure, Zhang Chengyuan sighed and thought that it was really possible to lose the game today, but on second thought, losing to the small crystal or Li Yanxi seemed to be no big deal, and it was not unacceptable to carry the small crystal on the busy streets of Yanjing, so it was calm again.
Three people continue to move forward to Li Yanxi, small crystal and others to meet in the past, but because they are still in the game, they are mostly separated with a smile and a greeting. A small crystal chatted with Zhang Chengyuan for two more sentences. "Brother, I can pass you for the first time. It seems that your physical strength is not very good, right? I think I still have a good chance to beat you today, so don’t forget to fulfill our previous agreement. "
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "The Crystal Competition is still early. Although I lost to you in the Great Wall Competition, it may not be when I return to Yanjing City. Don’t be proud and cheer up!"
"Well, I’ll come on, brother. You also come on! See you downtown. "Small Crystal waved goodbye to Zhang Chengyuan and trotted to catch up with two teammates who had already left first.
Looking at the small crystal leaving Yu Jae Seok suddenly said, "Seung-won, just now you and Soo-kyung made a bet that I was on your side. We will work hard to get through it as soon as possible."
Zhang Chengyuan didn’t really believe him. "Now Brother Shi wants you to be really capable, I think we should be able to pass one."
"What bet?" Gary suddenly asked curiously after hearing the conversation between Yu Jae Seok and Zhang Chengyuan.
Yu Jae Seok freely said, "Just now Chengyuan and Xiujing agreed that if he lost to Xiujing or Lingxi, he would run in downtown Yanjing with his crystal on his back."
"This situation seems to be quite interesting." gary suddenly became interested, but at the same time it was a little white. At the first moment, Yu Jae Seok deliberately pushed him because he didn’t want Zhang Chengyuan to win. But on second thought, Zhang Chengyuan lost, which means he also lost. So he felt dissatisfied and shouted to Yu Jae Seok, "Brother, how can you deliberately sabotage because you don’t want Cheng Yuan to win? It’s too immoral."
A listen to this, there are still some fears that he will deliberately drag his feet with Yu Jae Seok. Zhang Chengyuan immediately put his heart at ease.
While Yu Jae Seok argued, "How can I sabotage it? I have just explained to you that I was careless. "Even if the facts are in front of me, he doesn’t want to admit it."
"Who believes it?" Gary grunted.
In the bickering between two people, three people quickly went to the fourth place, and soon they reached the fourth place. The 8-meter sprint requires that the total score of the first and third place among the three athletes should be less than 5 seconds, which is obviously not difficult, especially for Zhang Chengyuan, a team where three athletes are men.
This time, because the program group didn’t make it more difficult for Zhang Chengyuan and Yu Jae Seok didn’t play tricks in secret, he passed the program group and Yu Jae Seok smoothly. It may be that Zhang Chengyuan’s team is the last one, so there is no need to make it difficult for him. They are too backward, which will affect the intensity of the next game.
After passing the card, Zhang Chengyuan and his three men will rush back immediately, so that they can fight for a little more and reduce the gap between the other two teams. Although Yu Jae Seok is willing to slow down Zhang Chengyuan’s pace, he didn’t make any tricks at this time. After all, he can’t make it too obvious or it will be too unskilled. When he takes the cable car along the original road and then calls a taxi to Shichahai, Yanjing City, the next game will be held there.
About an hour and a half later, Zhang Chengyuan, Yu Jae Seok and gary arrived near the Yinding Bridge in Shichahai, and then saw the flag hung by the "runningan" program group on the roof of a store, and knew that the first stage would start there. They immediately walked into the store and went to the rooftop.
In addition, fortunately, they walked fast, otherwise they would be surrounded by local people who have recognized Zhang Chengyuan. It is important to know that Zhang Chengyuan has always been famous in China. Although he has not been active in China, his reputation has not declined in recent years, and Shichahai has a large number of people. Therefore, many people recognized him soon, and many of them like young women in idolize who like to watch the excitement. So they all gathered on both sides of the road and refused to leave. Some people have shouted "Chengyuan ppa"
On the rooftop, Yu Jae Seok looked at the situation of Loujie and looked at the frequent wave of greetings to fans. Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t help but say, "Chengyuan heard that you are very popular in China, even superjunir is not as good as today. It took less than two minutes to get here and so many people gathered."
Gary agreed, "It’s really an insight. It seems that this is the real Korean meteor."