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I don’t know where it exists in a strange space, where it is filled with black fog like running water, rendering the whole space extremely eerie.

It is shocking that hundreds of black figures are sitting in this space.
Some of these figures are huge beasts, some are slim as long snakes, some are floating in mid-air with wings, and of course, nearly one-third of them are humanoid figures.
Of course, no matter what form of figure, these people are sending out a strong breath. If the first God of the universe sees it, it will be easy to tell. These figures, every breath, are almost not under the god of pick, what’s more …
Among them, on the highest seat, there are nearly 30 statues of mixed-element series that can be strong!
Such a powerful force, if spread out, is absolutely enough to cause an uproar!
Surprisingly, nowadays, the atmosphere of these strange monks is obviously not so good, and it seems to be too depressed.
"Who said before to go out to kill? Why are they all like little pussies now? "
Finally, it seems that I can’t stand it any longer. A rough voice broke this depressing atmosphere. This is one of the masters of mixed series. "You all say, what should we do now?"
"Hum! Buzz, don’t make it easy. Everyone is in the same boat now. If you have any ideas, just say so. "
After breaking the silence, finally one of them, another master of mixed series, disdained to hum.
"Now also can have what way? This damn world, those shit world surveillance intelligence organizations, actually regard this horrible world as a newborn world, and we will also pay a huge price to buy tickets … "
Bath shook his head and sighed, with unspeakable bitterness in his tone. "The problem now is that our connection with our world has been cut off by that invisible existence. Has been directly trapped in this world. "
"Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t go on like this, otherwise, we will never escape from them when those horrible first gods grow up completely!"
Is a slender feminine deep male sound, turn the topic to reality, "as far as I know, The Hunger of the’ scarlet god’ has been cleared up by the first day fiend, came to the abyss of this world interface of an elite team was adowa, and our side. Do you calculate how much we have reduced our staff? "
"You know, these terrible indigenous lives, called the first fiend, were born and practiced for how long? Actually have such a terrible strength, if you wait for a period of time … "
The rest of the words did not continue to be said, but everyone understood the meaning.
"Day fiend first ….."
When people present heard a word unique to this world, they couldn’t help feeling a little scared and bitter.
You know, they came to the world of the strong, for more than five hundred, and most of them are the magic series of the strong. But now there are less than two hundred left!
"Even …"
Many monks present couldn’t help counting their eyes to the above, and their hearts were filled with sighs.
When I first came to this world, there were a total of 20 evil lords, but now how many are left?
There are less than fifteen statues!
Thought of here, master heart suddenly a quiver. Lord Hunyuan, even if this is put in their world, it is also a strongman!
But now it has lost five statues!
Besides, as far as they know. These fallen guys, it is almost impossible to be reborn smoothly, and they all belong to the type that can’t die again.
What a terrible thing is this?
In their world. After countless years, it is not necessarily possible to fall even if it is a master of the demon master level!
But here, the number of five statues has fallen!
However, immediately, their hearts also couldn’t help but emerge a sense of schadenfreude. How many strong people in their world are trapped in the magic statue level and can’t break through?
Therefore, the demon master level is the master.
And now, so high above the guy at ordinary times, the situation is also a treatment with yourself and others …
These demon masters above saw the meaning in the eyes of the master below, and they couldn’t help but hum a cold hum, but in the end they didn’t say anything more. At this time, they were no longer interested.