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"Why are you here?" Xia Fei Mian looked surprised for a short time, then frowned at Xia Xiaofu. Obviously, this daughter’s position in her heart is really different from that of Xiao Yu Xue.

Although Xia Xiaofu was angry at the queen’s attitude towards her, she had no choice but to forbear.
Sensing that Xia Fei Mian was not a pleasant tone, Xia Xiaofu immediately said, "Mother Emperor, I wonder if there is any news from Sister?"
Xia Fei Mian smelled her eyes, flung her sleeves over Xia Xiaofu and walked to the main hall of Weiyang Palace. At the same time, she said in a cold tone, "Don’t ask if you shouldn’t!"
"The mother emperor’s son wants to help you share your worries, and the son wants to tell the mother emperor about Su Ling!"
Xia Xiaofu’s tone was quite anxious, and she called out behind Xia Feimian. When she heard that Su Ling Xia Feimian was in the same place, she didn’t recover. She looked at Xia Xiaofu directly from the shoulder and asked, "Yu Suling?"
See Xia Fei cotton seems to have a strong interest in this Xia Xiaofu immediately before her side low said
"The mother emperor is indeed in Su Ling!" Xia Xiaofu burned her bridges because from the bottom of her heart, she felt that if she wanted to move to Xia Xiaoxue, Su Ling must also consider this.
Xia Xiaoxue may be unfounded, but in her heart, she always feels that Su Ling’s presence will affect her status, which is unbearable.
"Come in with me!" Xia Fei cotton smell speech slowly turned around and looked at Xia Xiaofu, then the line of sight crossed her and looked at the carriage still parked outside the Weiyang Palace. The eyes were tight and she told Xia Xiaofu 1.
After Xia Xiaofu’s brisk pace followed Xia Fei Mian into the main hall, the chariot Wang Ping and Yue Mammy appeared. They looked around and quickly pulled Che Suling out and went straight to Weiyang Palace!
After entering the main hall, Xia Fei Mian seemed a little tired, sat in her hand and rubbed her eyebrows. She didn’t look at Xia Xiaofu and asked directly, "What are you going to say?"
This is a more two more wait! Today, there are three more times to make up the number of words! The group loves you all!
Chapter 245 Su Ling was arrested? What does this have to do with me?
After entering the main hall, Xia Fei Mian seemed a little tired, sat in her hand and rubbed her eyebrows. She didn’t look at Xia Xiaofu and asked directly, "What are you going to say?"
Xia Fei Mian’s eyes were faint, and Xia Xiao Fu’s brow became impatient.
Seeing this, Xia Xiaofu eagerly stepped forward and said in a serious tone, "In fact, the mother emperor Su Ling had planned to save the elder sister!"
No wonder Xia Fei Mian doesn’t like this daughter, because she has a long brain and almost everyone can speak white.
It happened that Xia Xiaofu was not good at calculating her mind, but she was always pretentious. When she saw Xia Fei Mian, she didn’t show it, and she added fuel to her mouth.
"When the mother emperor was in the temple that night, my son met Su Ling!"
Xia Fei cotton milli surprised attitude is just a moment his eyebrows "oh? You have seen her, so what did you say? "
Xia Xiaofu is always unable to fathom Xia Fei Mian’s mind, but she secretly speculates but naturally thinks that everything is right.
When she recognized that Xia Fei Mian was finally interested in what she said, she immediately said, "Mother Huang had been eavesdropping in the temple that night, and she was dressed in black at that time, obviously trying to do something!
And I suspect that she has eavesdropped on the conversation between the mother emperor and Louzhan … "
"Are you? But I remember you overheard a lot that night! " Xia Fei cotton rhetorical questions let Xia Xiaofu detain one leng, which is very obvious that some can’t keep up with the queen’s rhythm
What she wants to say is that the mother emperor will suddenly notice her!
Xia Xiaofu looked puzzled and Xia Fei Mian also smiled and said nothing. The mother and daughter looked at each other silently and no one spoke.
Just at this time, Xia Xiaofu’s heart was hovering with all kinds of thoughts, such as putting Su Ling to death, and Mammy Yue slowly came along from the temple.
When I saw Xia Xiaofu, I couldn’t help wondering if I wanted to talk.
"Is it all done?" Xia Fei Mian glanced sideways at Mammy Yue, and her tone was dull, which made people aware of her true thoughts.
Now that I heard the queen asking about Mother Yue, I nodded with a stunned look. "It’s done!"
Xia Fei Mianwen said with a smile, "Order Wang Ping to take good care of Su Ling. If you can’t do it well, you are the only one asking!"
Wang Ping? !
"You must be careful!"
At this time, Mammy Yue couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart.
It is reasonable to say that the queen doesn’t really value the second emperor’s daughter, but it happened that this time she issued an order to hand over the position of Tainv to the second emperor’s daughter
Although she hasn’t drawn up an imperial edict, it’s a foregone conclusion.
If this is the queen’s plan, then just now she can go to Su Ling in front of the second emperor’s daughter, which makes Yue Mammy feel puzzled.
Su Ling is now being taken back to the palace by them, which is very secret. I’m afraid it’s not good to know about it with the mind of the second emperor.
It is particularly worth one thing that Wang Ping is the right-hand man of the second emperor’s daughter. If the second emperor’s daughter has done something because of this, I’m afraid she can’t pay for it if she has several heads.
Mother Yue naturally can’t figure out why Xia Fei Mian did this, but as she thought, Xia Xiaofu immediately showed a fiery attitude on her cheek when she heard that Su Ling was in the palace and her personality was not strong enough.
As the saying goes, the emperor’s heart is underwater needle
Xia Fei Mian, of course, won’t do anything bad for herself. She sat in the first place. When she saw Xia Xiaofu’s excited expression, her eyes were completely bare, and her mouth was unexpectedly pulled.
And all her expressions are just fleeting and caught in the dark. I feel that Mammy and Xia Xiaofu discovered it by natural law.
Dusk will reflect Danxia on the horizon into clouds, and patches of flaming clouds will shine brightly on the glazed tiles of the Palace of Nanxia Kingdom.
When Xia Xiaofu left the back of the main hall of Weiyang Palace and walked up the steps, she couldn’t help smiling at once.
I didn’t expect self-sustaining Cong Su Ling to be brought back by the mother emperor! And it seems that it should not be what she wants.
But if Su Ling is in the palace, then she can deal with her!
These two days, whenever she recalls what Su Ling said to her in the Piandian of Weiyang Palace that night, she always has a lingering fear.
Although she is not sure what Su Ling knows to prevent, she still thinks that Su Ling must get rid of it!
In that case …
After having an idea in my heart, Xia Xiaofu’s face was clouded, and she looked back at the steps of Weiyang Palace, immersed in a piece of Xiaguang main hall, and her lips began to smile.
When the sunset gradually sank to the west foot of the mountain, Xia Xiaofu had already arrived near the palace. She looked around in front of the temple of Haoyulou, and when she found that there were no suspicious people around, she quickly went in.
There are few pedestrians in Yuji Palace. Nowadays, the people who live in the Palace of Southern Xia Kingdom have stayed for a short time for a few days. At this moment, Princess Qi Chuchen is left with seven emperors who have been entrenched in the palace and have never left Louzhan.
And the Haoyu Building can also be said to be the exclusive house of Louzhan, and its treatment can be almost the same as that of the harem attendants.
Xia Xiaofu softly pushed open the door of the temple and then quickly flicker in.
At the same time, her figure disappeared into the palace of Haoyulou, and an ancient tree with a light skirt was instantly raised by the evening breeze, and the man’s eyebrows were full of rage.
When Xia Xiaofu walked into the Haoyu Building, some dark halls in front of her made her feel uncomfortable and blinked.