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"You silly son this is going to break off an engagement? Can you find something better than Ji Shu? "

Sun Fengxiang touched her head in the kitchen, and she was reluctant to fight.
Aside, Feng Guang pulled the bellows and secretly listened to the conversation between his mother and his brother
"Ji family Ding Duo Ji Shu Erbo is still the leader of state-owned enterprises. Can you find a better room after she is also a state-owned enterprise?"
Feng Guangyao doesn’t talk.
"The village can’t be better than her, and the girls in Wucheng can’t see how much effort our rural man Ji Shu’s marriage mother has spent with that old lady Ji. Can’t you see it?"
Feng Guangyao grabbed a new shirt and put it. "Mom, but this Jishu is really too poor to love the rich. Why didn’t you see it before?" Such a woman is too hateful! "
"You know what! Women have to teach! Married, she still doesn’t listen to you? She earns 6 a month. Do you hear that? "
Feng Guangyao bowed his head and Sun Fengxiang made sense.
He worked in a steel factory for three months. The girls in Wushi Street are fashionable and beautiful, but where can people look at him as a rural person?
If he is a college student like Juck Zhang, he naturally doesn’t have to worry about ten thousand yuan, but what is his family background? Can he still not know?
"But where can our family afford three big pieces? And mom, do you really have ten thousand? "
Sun Fengxiang smiled. "My son is really kind. Do you really have that money?"
"Find someone to borrow! This money is borrowed for you. In the end, isn’t it equivalent to Ji Shu paying back her own money? "
"Who to borrow? There are thousands of relatives in our family! "
Sun Fengxiang pulled at the corner of her mouth. "Aren’t adults in our home now?"
"Brother Zhang Chaoge?"
"Juck Zhang really saw it again today and will definitely lend you rest assured."
On the other hand, Zhang Chaoran didn’t know that he was being calculated to this extent.
He’s still immersed in a scene that’s better than a TV play.
Ji Shu bit a piece of peach cake like a defeated general.
When Feng Guangyao returns to the house, he has relaxed to give Ji Shu a cup of tea.
"After you have heard what Ji Shuma said, let’s live a good life. It will get better and better every day. I’ll think of some way to get out of the dormitory and rent a big room."
Ji Shu was sick. I’m afraid it wasn’t Sun Fengxiang who offered another coup.
There can’t be ten thousand dollars in their family roots.
Lie to others and lie to me?
Is it because Sun Fengxiang caught the scam or let her be very passive now?
Acting so poor and loving the rich was blocked by Sun Fengxiang’s soft knife.
She drinks tea without talking.
Juck Zhang said again, "Sister Jishu, you see how sincere Guangyao’s brother is at home! You will be happy later! "
Ji Shu burst into flames. I wish you were a Juck Zhang at the theatre. What’s the trouble?
She raised her big watery eyes and stared at Juck Zhang.
Suddenly her eyes flashed and she had a brainwave.
Jishu changed an expression "Juck Zhang brother that motorcycle is you? I think that motorcycle looks particularly good on you! "
Juck Zhang? ? ?
Ji Shu came with beautiful eyes and a slight bend in her mouth, sweet and lovely.
Feng Guangyao clenched his fist again.
Ji Shu didn’t know Juck Zhang, but she heard Feng Guangyao mention this old neighbor.
At that time, Feng Guangyao had not made a fortune in Wushi, and he was angry when he came back late for a hometown party.
At that time, he said, "That Juck Zhang is now a technician of a technology company and actually drives a car! What are you showing off? You’re rich at home and you’re not on your own! If I were as rich as him at home, I would be twice as bullish as him! "
Ji Shu was slapped by Feng Guangyao when he didn’t get up for midnight snack that night, and his cheeks were swollen the next day.
Therefore, this matter is deeply remembered by her.
Since you can’t stop being too poor to love the rich, can easy virtue?
If the object is Feng Guangyao’s most jealous object, wouldn’t it double the effect?
She has a pair of beautiful eyes like a hook that hooks everyone’s sight.
Ji Fenxin snigger Cousin, are you stupid enough to dislike Feng Guangyao’s poor family and break off an engagement at the expense of acting? Do you know that you picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelon?
Juck Zhang to was stuck JiShu and said "motorcycle is really nice! I also want to ride a motorcycle. Brother Juck Zhang, why don’t you and I go for a ride? "
How cool it was to ride an imported motorcycle with my sister for a ride at that time!
But Juck Zhang couldn’t speak at this time, and he was driving around with someone else’s fiancee. That’s not cool, it’s crazy!
He scratched his head. "Ah, actually … this motorcycle is not me, it’s Mo Kuangfeng, and I’m not very good at riding it."
He left this hot potato to Mo Kuangfeng.
Mo Kuangfeng "…"
Juck Zhang stared at MoKuang maple that means you are talking!
Mo Kuang-feng: "The dusty dirt road in this village is not wind but soil. Forget it."
He speaks pure Mandarin with a little Beijing accent, which sounds very comfortable, and his tone is neither supercilious nor supercilious, and the reason for refusing is reasonable.
Juck Zhang smiled with relief, not the kui is a logical man, he Juck Zhang iron buddy! First-class lightning protection ability
Feng Guangyao is angry. Does this mean that he looks down on Wang Jiawan? The big city is great!
His motorcycle used to be Juck Zhang, but I didn’t expect it to be Mo Kuangfeng. His jealousy of Mo Kuangfeng burned his face.
Ji Shu doesn’t really want to go for a ride. Just look restless and say, "Forget it."
She suddenly touched the handkerchief in her trouser pocket and had a brainwave. "Brother Juck Zhang, thank you so much. You give me the handkerchief and I’ll wash it and give it back to you!"
Then handed a wink to JiFen.
Ji Fen said quickly, "No, that’s right, thanks to Brother Zhang Chaoge!" She was busy telling Feng Guangyao about the handkerchief.
Juck Zhang was blue in the face and Feng Guangyao felt that his head was green.
Sorry buddy Juck Zhang thought about saying, "Actually … handkerchief is not me, it’s Mo Kuangfeng …"
After that, he looked at Mo Kuangfeng. Anyway, you don’t know me. I’m Feng Guangyao’s neighbor. Avoid suspicion!
Mo Kuangfeng "…"