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Li Chengzhu stretched out his hand and took the black swallowtail and threw it aside to hold Gu Linglong and came to the bed to sit and look at her seriously. "Linglong, I want to tell you something."

Looked at the expression eyes contrast with small sized photograph those big eyes wronged Li Chengzhu finally decided to come clean.
"Well" GuLingLong smile nodded his head.
Boss Li took a deep breath and stared at Gu Linglong’s face slowly and said, "Xiaoying, she has my child."
Holding Gu Linglong’s hands, I felt a tremor in her body. Before she could speak, Li Chengzhu continued, "I know I am a beast, but Linglong, to tell the truth, I really don’t know how to face you, but I have to face all this because I am a man."
Li Chengzhu’s nervousness gradually calmed down as soon as the words box was hit. "I was just a mortal root, so I was not qualified to deserve the two of you, but I was even less qualified to ask him for anything if you scolded me, hit me or ruined me. I still want to say that I love you, but Xiaoying, she is pregnant with my child. If you hate my wedding, we can cancel it and I promise that I will never let you see me again."
Gu Linglong’s shoulders trembled and sobbed softly.
"If it weren’t for this accident, I think we would always be happy."
Cry loudly
"But Linglong, I beg you not to kill me. Although Li Chengzhu is dirty, he is also a man with a strong head. I am not afraid of death, but I want to take care of my unborn child and watch him grow up."
Cry louder
"I’ve finished talking about Linglong. Choose for yourself." Li Chengzhu leaned forward and gently kissed Gu Linglong’s face to get up, only to find that his big hand was gripped by Gu Linglong.
"I knew it" gulinglong sobbed.
Chapter 30 Wedding Ceremony
"What?" Li Chengzhu was stunned by Gu Linglong’s words.
"I knew it." Gu Linglong took Li Chengzhu and sat on the bed again, reaching for the tears in her eyes.
"You … when?"
GuLingLong raised his head and face hung behing tears trying to squeeze out a smile "this more than a month you two abnormal others can’t see? So I talked to Xiaoying and then she told me. "
"This dead woman" Li Da’s boss is fierce and gnashing his teeth.
"But I didn’t know she was pregnant with your child."
"I didn’t know today." Li Chengzhu felt embarrassed and watched Gu Linglong’s expression for a long time only to find that Gu Linglong was just sobbing like ordinary people.
"You’re not angry?" Li Chengzhu wondered.
"What’s the point of being angry?" Gu Linglong lightly chastising stared at Li Chengzhu. "It was normal for men to have three wives and four concubines in our time. I didn’t expect that I would have such a day." When it comes to the last sentence, the tone is already very lonely
"What do you mean?" Li Chengzhu towards asked.
"What can I mean?" Gu Linglong stared at Boss Li "Cheap you smelly man"
Happiness came so suddenly that Li Chengzhu opened his mouth with a smirk on his face.
Gu Linglong pursed her mouth and became sulky, even if she was open-minded enough to share her men with other women, even sisters could not.
Li Chengzhu rolled her eyes to break the awkward atmosphere.
"Did that girl say anything about me and her?"
This sentence asked Li Chengzhu couldn’t wait to scrape his ears. Isn’t that going looking for trouble?
Sure enough, the dull atmosphere was instantly broken. Gu Linglong snickered while covering her mouth. "I can’t believe that Mr. Rogue was raped one day." Gu Linglong "giggled" and suddenly plowed flowers and brought rain.
"Dead girl" Li Chengzhu’s face is red and her teeth are itchy. This kind of thing actually told Gu Linglong.
When I saw Gu Linglong’s weak and seductive posture, Li Chengzhu’s heart stood up with an evil smile on her mouth, "Always look for her."
"There are even more annoying things after that." Gu Linglong sounded behind him.
Walking out of the door, Li Chengzhu breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect things to be solved so easily, which made him feel excited and strong.
Find the right direction and walk to the small film studio. Suddenly, my footsteps flashed in my mind and I patted my head heavily.
"my day"
Gu Linglong’s poem just now is not about singing herself, but about singing Li Chengzhu and Xiaoying.
Isn’t a man and a woman cheating on each other a portrayal of these two people? I’m still self-absorbed, and I want to take good care of her myself.
"Silly woman" Li Chengzhu smiled slightly and strode towards the small film studio.
Gu Linglong was kicked off the wedding dress before she came to the dressing door, and then Xiaoying exclaimed, "Let me go, you rascal."
Boss Li tightly held Xiaoying’s hand across his waist and stretched out his foot to close the door, and then slammed her into bed.
Looking at Gu Linglong with a lewd smile, "I’ll have a big quilt to sleep with today."
Gu Linglong’s face was reddish, and he stretched out his hand to cover himself from leaking spring light and spat "smelly rascal"
"Hum!" Li Chengzhu squinted and lifted her feet to escape from the door. Xiaoying reached out and took out Yinxian powder and then hit a few drops into the back of Xiaoying’s neck.
"ah!" GuLingLong slightly exclaimed stretched out his hand over his mouth.
"You have a share!" Boss Li kept dropping a few drops for Gu Linglong.
"Beast!" Gu Linglong’s face flushed and her teeth gnashed, but her body involuntarily fell into Li Chengzhu’s arms.
The lingering body of Gu Linglong Xiaoying, who had just received it, hugged Li Chengzhu from behind and breathed heavily, showing her heart’s desire.
Now that we have decided to get mixed up, let us enjoy the happiness of the people together. Li Chengzhu is far-sighted and puts them together. After eliminating their shyness, we are embarrassed together.
Boss Li smiled and looked at the bed with his arms around his chest. The two kept rolling and entangled with each other, and their clothes were getting less and less. The body finally couldn’t help but yell.
The wedding of Lord castellan was held as scheduled. According to the custom of Lord castellan’s hometown, Uncle Cai made a temporary guest appearance as a relative of Lord castellan.
Sitting in the center of the main hall, Uncle Cai’s face was full of joy and kept arching his hands at the people who came to congratulate him as if he were marrying his daughter.
Yuanmu took his brother to collect gifts and gifts at the gate.
The windfall made the Yuanmu brothers almost laugh off their fangs, hoping that Boss Li would kiss them once a month.
After all, we are all immortals. Although we try our best to complete the wedding according to the etiquette of the earth, the bride and groom are both in the city hall to greet each other, which is directly omitted and the rest is to meet the bride.
However, from early in the morning, everyone waited until noon to get married, but the two masters still didn’t see anyone. Thanks to the long-term cultivation of the people, it was negligible for them.
In the middle of the day, Boss Li, wearing a black swallow tail, finally walked out of the hall with a tiger body and a foreign character.
Last night, Xiaoying was really crazy. It was just that he took a few bites and left a few rows of teeth marks. Until now, when he started to walk, it was dull and painful, but Xiaoying woke up afterwards. Even Gu Linglong refused to let Li Chengzhu apply healing medicine, saying that this was a punishment for his rape of two fairies.
And Li Chengzhu’s strange and trendy clothes suddenly set off a huge wave in the hearts of female residents of Rainbow City, with black swallowtail and mysterious color, all of which set off Boss Li with brilliance.
The bride finally walked out of the hall when everyone marveled at Boss Li’s graceful demeanor.
Wearing a white wedding dress, the Lord’s adult immediately set off a wedding climax and cheers resounded through the Lord’s hall.
However, following the footsteps of the Lord’s adult, a woman in a red wedding shirt shyly walked over to Li Chengzhu with her head down and took his arm in intimacy.
The noisy atmosphere suddenly became quiet.
This environmental change makes Xiaoying even more ashamed to lift her head.