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Lin Feng invited 1200 Yi Shu to be superb and ever-changing drama. Lu Jun experienced some twists and turns in his help. Through some actions, Lin Feng concluded that Lu Jun was hidden, not only Yi Shu was superb, but also his kung fu was not weak. Every time he showed his skill, he judged that it should be created by Zhang Sanfeng, the grandmaster of wu-tang clan Taiji routine Wudang. Only by being close to his brother can he learn to appear as a drama now.

All the way close to the city, someone guarded Tang Niu and showed the waist tag of the Royal Guards. When the city guards saw that it was the waist tag of the Royal Guards in Beijing, they did not dare to delay and quickly hit the side door. Three people entered with them.
"I don’t want to be such a royal guard, but it takes a lot of breath to enter the city."
"Of course, it’s more fun to catch thieves with the Lin brothers. Are you tempted?"
"Ah, how boring it is to fight and kill? It’s better to sing and listen. If there are many people, you will get more rewards. No one will listen. Just’ have fun and raise flowers.’
"Everyone has his own ideas, even if you come to Lin Brothers, you may not want them."
"That may not be true."
"Poor, but you’re getting dark. Hurry up with" Tang Niu urged to look at the sudden stop of forest air near the tenth camp. Those people with small flames should not sleep yet, so try again.
There are three people lying in the tenth camp panting, and the flying swallow sits on the courtyard wall with elegant posture, so that all of them can do their best to touch the flying swallow like a flying swallow, and three people can walk freely.
"I can’t run any further." Lying looking at the sky flashing with stars, I can’t tell you how comfortable I am. I’m really tired.
"Heaven will surely catch you". When I try to get sore all over, especially my legs, it’s like pouring lead. Don’t say that arresting people doesn’t even have the strength to walk.
"Don’t try to be brave today. If you are still so weak, Ernian is not interested in playing with you."
The creaking gate was pushed by people, and the flying swallow disappeared in a flash, and a black shadow appeared in Lin Feng’s figure, which just fell to the previous sitting position with the return. If you blink your eyes at that moment, you can’t believe that the flying swallow has moved.
"It’s the adults coming back."
The three men tried again and finally chose to give up. They were all covered in mud and looked embarrassed. "What is this?"
"My Lord, I can’t forgive you for your humble position."
"Really not!"
In an instant, three people look up at the same time, and their eyes are full of doubts and identical looks. Adults will say such things, even if three people are really so unbearable, they will pay the same effort.
Sounded to windson eyebrows a wrinkly aside Tang Niu instantaneous torch light can see clearly that it is a fly knife that can instantly take people’s lives. It is from flying swallows sitting on the courtyard wall.
"Little Niang, are you crazy?"
"He is not Lin Feng"
Feitianyan drew a long sword and followed it with a pair of eyes fixed on Lin Feng. "How is it possible if you are not an adult?" Small three people struggled to look at windson and look at a face of anger. Liu Ernian was completely stupid at this moment.
"Ernian, stop fooling around."
Fei Tian Yan snorted a long sword and pointed to "Don’t Tang Niu know that his roots are not forest air? There are some things that can be disguised and some things will never be learned."
Clapping palms hitting each other from behind and walking in from the outside is the real windson Lu Jun shaking his head and his right hand suddenly changed from the top of his head to the whole person.
"Er Nian has a good eye"
"Adult, then he" looked down at the man who walked into windson from the door and turned to look around and rubbed his eyes.
"Introduce a thousand changes. Lu Jun temporarily joined the 10 th camp to participate in the first battle of Qingfeng Valley."
"What happened just now?"
"It’s just a cover-up. It’s always a fake. If not, this girl will see the flaw at a glance."
Feitianyan sneered, "Lin Feng would never talk to one of his own in that tone. You just copied the clothes and forgot your boots."
In an instant, everyone bowed their heads and secretly admired Feitianyan’s eyesight, so that they could see clearly that the boots worn by the two men were really different.
"Good eye Liu Junpei" Feitian Yan turned to her side, and she eventually took pride that ordinary people did not have, even a thief.
"Special training?"
Small bow "BeiZhi can not complete adult metasomatism"
"If one way and method is simply to try another, it may have unexpected effects."
"What do you mean, my Lord?"
"Go back and think about it and you can do it."
It can already be seen that windson is interested in cultivating small students and upgrading from small to large. After all, it is windson who first meets people when he enters the Royal Guards. It is not clever, diligent, faithful and reliable.
"Rest assured, my Lord."
"Go home."
Back at home, trouble sleeping Jr. came up with today’s special training situation. The other person’s posture was too fast like a gust of wind, and he waited until he got close to the other person. He had already drifted to other places like the wind, and he finally got close by losing his strength.
"What should I do?"
If a road doesn’t work, just look around and see if there is any other road ringing in his ear. Every word of Lin Feng’s old teachings is remembered in my heart. Lin Feng’s wit, martial arts and courage are especially impressive to people around him.
"What is his way!"
The sky is bright and bright, and Li Hu is responsible for probing into the terrain of Qingfeng Valley. Li Hu has not yet returned to Windson. The same thing can be done for the 10th Battalion against the Leopard Group. The Royal Guards Camp Dongfu Department is dismissive of many groups, but one person is different.
Dragon group! The most mysterious and equally powerful team in the Royal Guards’ Ten Groups, no one knows the bottom line of the Dragon Group. The Dragon Group will only appear at that moment when something big happens. Even if a few people have the ability to challenge him, the strength and mystery of the whole group constitute the most terrible part of the Dragon Group.
A figure falls in front of a person carrying his back. "What do you find?"
"Back to my adult, Lin Feng went to the outer city today. First he went to the theater and then he turned into a porter to mix with Zhou Fu and took away a play when he came out."
"Theater porter play windson to do! Can you find out the identity of the play? "
"Beizhi checked the records of the Royal Guards and didn’t record that he had been staying in the Beijing Opera House to sing."
"It won’t be that simple. Be sure to keep an eye on Lin Feng."
"humble obedience"
"Go ahead"
With a wave of his arm, the man’s figure disappears. With this skill alone, the Royal Guards can already enter the elite ranks. It is a pity that the Dragon Team can become the most common one.
In the moonlight, the man turned around and looked strikingly similar. If Lin Feng saw that face, he would not hesitate to pounce and tear off the mask of the other person’s face to see who the other person really was. The smile on his mouth was so familiar. This person was the one who betrayed the organization and intended to get rid of Lin Feng’s chameleon that day.
At dawn, Lin Feng’s figure appeared in the courtyard, and there were already three people together to write a novel. From time to time, two people nodded repeatedly. "Don’t worry, if you can’t catch it again today, it’s really humiliating."
"Good spirits"
"Adult" three people turned and leaned down upon it. It was to participate in the special training that three people were unwilling. Even if they were still tired, they got up early. Ray got up early and got bloodshot in his eyes earlier. Maybe he didn’t sleep at all one night.
"so early"
"want to talk to adults"
"figured it out?"
Nodding "Yesterday was a place where people ran around and scratched. It would be so unbearable if three people kept a certain area." Ray nodded at the end of the novel "Yes, this can expand the scope of attack and reduce the fear of running."
"The other side is too fast, so it should not be enough alone!"
"such as?"
"It should be possible to see through our intentions every time we fall."
"It’s not too late for Feng Longlai to discuss it first and make decisions again and again."
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Three people’s strength
"Still coming?"
"Of course!"
"I don’t want to see someone lying on the ground tired."
"Don’t forget that we are three people."
It doesn’t make people feel red when three men say such things in front of a woman. With the appearance of Feitianyan, there are ten special trainings.
"Cut the crap and come casually."
It’s not too important to hold a certain area by one person, which can not only react quickly, but also save physical strength to the greatest extent.
Fei Tian-yan guessed each other’s intention in an instant in her eyes and snorted "Did you come to this trick?"