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Fan Qingyu, uh-huh.
Gong Tianlinshan looked at the black Porsche coming to the foot of the mountain and shouted "Horse!"
Qing Liu sink said 1.
Porsche stopped.
Qing Liu and Fan Qingyu took the words and looked up at the mountain.
Because the distance is too far and Gong Tianlin has been hiding behind a stone for a long time, they can’t see anything.
Gong Tianlin’s eyesight is very good. He condescends to see clearly the actions of the two. Tutuiu is Fan Qingyu. It seems that she has fallen more and more watery for so long.
"Bitch, you let your concubine come first!"
Gong Tianlin said with a grimace of a grin, "Don’t move there honestly, do you hear me?"
"Okay, I’ll go first!"
Gong Tianlin’s words were right in the middle. Before Qing Liu conceived him, he was still thinking about what if Gong Tianlin let Fan Qingyu go first? If you don’t promise, Liu Wen is in danger. He is also worried that Fan Qingyu is in danger. When he heard Gong Tianlin’s request, he nodded and agreed without hesitation.
Qing Liu!’
Fan Qingyu consciousness took Qing Liu.
This move made Gong Tianlin look even more jealous, thinking that he must play with this bitch mother in front of his face and show her love!
Qing Liu patted her hand and strode towards the mountain.
Gong Tianlin stared at Qing Liu and looked at him step by step, walking quickly towards the mountain. Although he had already thought about what to do, it was the first time to say that he was not nervous about doing such a thing. That was false.
"… it should be around here!"
Qing Liu strode, and the feeling of blood connection in his heart became closer and closer. After a few steps, Gong Tianlin suddenly sounded "Liu Zhu!"
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two Commanding
Qing Liu stopped.
Gong Tianlin commanding about ten meters away, holding a child in his hand, grinning at himself.
For a moment, Qing Liu’s blood welled up in his eyes, and Gong Tianlin was the first person to make him hate so much over the years!
"This rope binds itself!"
Gong Tianlin took out a rope and threw it forward.
The rope flew a few meters away and fell to the ground. Gong Tianlin cautiously stepped back and pointed to the rope and shouted, "Liu, I warn you not to play tricks or I will throw her from this mountain!" And he raised his hand and Liu Wen threatened Qing Liu.
Qing Liu bitterly bite a tooth and walked to the side of the bundle of rope to pick it up.
This should be the mountaineering rope, although it is not thick, but it can be felt that it is strong by hand.
"How to tie it?"
Qing Liu took the rope and asked Gong Tianlin about the countermeasures quickly.
"Sit down and tie your feet first and then tie your hands!"
Gong Tianlin said with a grimace of a grin, "Manager Liu, you are a wise man and you will definitely tie yourself up, right?" He raised Liu Wen again and made a gesture.
Qing Liu held back his anger and sat down to tie his feet first. When Gong Tianlin was about to tie his hands, he said, "Do something! Tie it firmly and wait for a while, but I’m going to check it in the past. "He still stood still.
"It’s already strong!"
Qing Liu looked up and said, "Why don’t you come and check it out?"
Gong Tianlin was a little angry when he saw this picture, swearing, "Don’t give you a shameless name, Liu. Don’t play tricks on the old man. Hurry up! Do as I say! "
Qing Liu squinted at him and pulled a climbing rope and said, "Is this ok?"
Gong Tianlin looked at it carefully, hesitated and nodded and said, "Come on, tie your hands quickly!" "