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These tentacles change into half-human, half-insect monsters hissing and screaming at the immortal all over the sky.

"Kill you all at the king’s command."
A monster hoarse call way
Chapter 41 The only desire
The earth cracked into a deep ravine, and smoke rose and covered the sky.
The whole Five Elements War plunged into a violent shock of rest.
Gu Qingshan darted his eyes across the earth in vain.
"The world seems to be falling apart!"
He sank and said
Xie Daoling said simply, "You killed the virtual monster, and the five elements have stood still, so naturally there is this vision."
Gu Qingshan looked at the empty space and saw that the scarlet fine print had appeared.
"You killed the virtual monster fusion."
"Five elements of soil and five elements of fire have been completely stabilized"
"the positive five elements have been established"
"The human world will usher in prosperity and development."
"You got 50,000 points of merit."
"Special theory"
"You have killed almost all the virtual monsters, leaving the last virtual king."
"It hides the traces of its real name and hides in six paths."
"Find it and kill it."
"When you kill that virtual monster, you will get the name Virtual God of War."
All the scarlet fine print flashed by.
Fifty thousand points of merit is naturally a great gain.
In addition, Gu Qingshan didn’t expect that the name of virtual God of War ushered in hope again.
But he didn’t have time to think about it at the moment
Gu Qingshan looked up and stared at the virtual shadow of the world in the distance.
All kinds of fierce roar from the virtual shadow of the world to shake the four sides.
-the emperor of heaven was dragged in by some doomsday monster and never came out.
Should it …
"Can that doomsday kill him?" Gu Qingshan asked
"He’s too strong, and the doomsday can trap him for a while at most-leave him alone for a while, and we have to find a way to cover the breath of the seal rope quickly, or the Emperor of Heaven will always follow us to find us," Xie Daoling said.
She was tied tightly with an iron rope, her hands were cut behind her back, and she couldn’t move at all.
Gu Qingshan looked at her body and there was a manic depression in the iron chain.
If the sword of the six realms is a heavenly sword, he can break this seal iron rope with one sword.
Unfortunately, not yet!
Xie Daoling looked at him quietly and said lightly, "You don’t have to think much about it. I will be sealed again by the Emperor of Heaven because he has miraculous power."
He has a miracle and I am lucky, but what should I do if the miracle takes over the wind?
Gu Qingshan sighed silently and asked, "What shall we do?"
Xie Daoling said, "We need to find some treasures-it’s better if they are imprisoned or sealed, but I can cover up the iron chain and let Tiandifa find us."
Gu Qingshan immediately think of one thing.
He looked up and looked around and saw that it was snowing all around.
Before you know it, he has flown back to the vast white snow field.
"Yes, I know there is a kind of imprisoned treasure here."
Gu Qingshan bowed his head and looked at the earth.
He identified the direction and soon found the place.
"Let’s go!"
A glove reappeared and gave him a light blow.
Two people suddenly fell to a certain place like a meteor.
When they reached the ground, Gu Qingshan slowed down and landed slowly.
"Hi, meet you again" Gu Qingshan way
Opposite him, the snake-headed monster sat in the snow and was trapped by seven black iron ropes.
"What the hell happened?" The monster is indecisive and uncertain.
"This place is going to be destroyed. I’m going to let you out." Gu Qingshan said.
"You will be so kind? I don’t believe it! " Monster cold hum a way
Gu Qingshan looked at Xie Daoling.
"It’s really a forbidden thing, but it’s not a real treasure. Just try it," Xie Daoling said.
-also can be like this.
Gu Qingshan protect her two people go together before coming to the monster.
"What do you want?"
The monster asked warily
-I’ve had enough of this little pain before. Now I dare not fight again. In case this little crazy person is cut alive or myself.
"Don’t move to loosen your chains" Gu Qingshan said.