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When Long Xianer heard this, his face changed dramatically, and he retreated rapidly. One hand covered the sky and bombarded Yinyin. At the same time, her other hand leaned out of her five fingers and rushed out of several dragons to tear the treasure elephant away.

What she reacted so violently was that Bai Suying just said that she knew that Su Ying would change her mind by changing her mind. The person she had to face was a person who could change his mind even if she put a beauty in her arms, handed her days in her hands and threw her wealth in front of her!
Su Ying’s mood has long been dirty and bad, and she wants to reach her heart. She dares to go against her heart, moving and shaking!
This state of mind is deeper than the state of mind in which heaven and earth move and I don’t move, and the state of mind in which heaven and earth are bad and I am not bad. This is the state of mind of the emperor!
People who have this kind of mood are all strong, and all those who stand in front of him will be crushed without mercy, no matter whether the other party is a stunning woman, royalty or the emperor, they will all crush the gods to stop the killing of the gods and buddhas!
Only in this way can I be true and sincere!
This mortal’s eyes must be a kind of possessed mentality, and Long Xianer’s eyes, such as Ren Huang’s, feel terrible and terrible.
Only with this mentality can we reach the peak and say that the emperor is the ancestor of the emperor and the holy emperor is marching into a higher realm!
Therefore, when Su Ying said this, she knew that she had a way to run for her life, because no matter what she said or what temptation she threw, she could not change her mind.
If he kills his heart, even if the emperor and the holy emperor are the heavenly emperor, he will also cut it in front of him!
However, Long Xianer didn’t do anything. She attacked Yinyin, and it was a diversion. The idea of saving Zhao from Wei forced Su to save Yinyin, thus giving her hope of escape.
"Give me death!"
Qing Di busy suddenly appeared in front of her with a big hand covering the sky and a palm covering the sky. Without tearing the ban, Gailong Xianer quickly raised his hand and blocked it without thinking.
Her jade arm broke inch by inch and was caught by Qing Di.
Then Qing Di suddenly pushed the dragon XianEr whole body instantaneous explosion into a mass of blood fog.
However, at this time, Long Xianer disappeared instantly, and when she reappeared, it was already tens of thousands of miles away. She fell to the ground and looked pale than the corners of her mouth. She took a look at Su Ying and disappeared again without saying anything!
Chapter nine hundred and three Kowloon search celestial instrument
Long Xianer’s body burst, and the Kaiyuan God and the Heaven and Earth Method all burst!
However, she did not destroy the true spirit, but she used some strange secret method to escape directly, and even Su Ying could not chase it.
"The dragon blood dun? It’s a pity that I haven’t finished the sacrifice yet. "
Sue should shake her head andao a pity.
He got the name "Heavenly Imperial Dragon Decision" in Long Rong’s memory.
The dragon’s blood escape is a kind of secret technique in mind. After it is put into use, it can instantly escape from thousands of miles and directly enter the virtual world. No one can find it.
However, the price is to drop directly to a great level and to practice hard for 300 years before returning to the peak.
However, the theory of dragon Xianer has been solved by him, and it will not appear again for a short time, which is also a hidden danger.
Long Xianer died and the master immediately panicked. The three Great Sages were directly killed by Qing Di’s two places at once and swallowed by Draco Python.
Master Yu is dead, too. Except for the immortal dragon spirit who escaped, none of them stayed.
Then Sue should take Yinyin and Xiaoqiang into the barren sky and hide in the void to start practicing this treasure.
"Ronger magic lamp went out! The fairy lamp is about to go out! Who forced her to this extent? "
Suddenly, there was an earth-shattering roar from the depths of the imperial palace of the Dragon God. "Who killed my son? I want you to pay a great price!"
The magic lamp, also known as the Yuan magic lamp, is a powerful holy place, and it is often a means to take the breath of an important person Yuan Shen and refine it into a temple of worship.
People die like lights. If the friar dies, the magic lamp will go out. If the friar is still alive, the magic lamp will be long.
In the imperial palace of the Dragon God Dynasty, there are naturally dragon fairy and dragon glory lanterns. At this moment, one of them is completely extinguished and the other is about to be extinguished, causing a sensation and so on.
There were 91 daughters when the Dragon Emperor succeeded to the throne for 5,000 years, among whom Long Rong and Long Xianer were his favorite daughters.
Long Rong is regarded by him as a candidate to inherit the unification, but now he is directly killed. The anger in the dragon emperor’s heart can be imagined!
However, for a moment, King Wu, the king of Wen Xiang, heard the news and made a pilgrimage to the Dragon Emperor.
"Pursuit to kill two temples must be destroyed in the golden boat, waiting for three busy people! Not long ago, the Sixth Hall called me to wait there, which should not be the peak of our dragon world. The Great Sage came to the rescue of the two halls. "
Wen Xiang Shen said, "At that time, the place where they were located was full of magic gas, which seemed to be the magic domain of Zhongtian."
King Wu looked up slightly thoughtfully and said, "The two temples rushed out this time to retrieve the fragments of the barren celestial ship from the treasure house. It should be that they found the trace of the celestial ship and planned to lock the celestial ship with the breath of the fragments of the celestial ship to collect the treasure ship. Is it because the two temples were killed by the masters of the magical domain when they arrived in Zhongtian?"
Wen Xiang frowned slightly and said, "The barren celestial ship was cast by the venerable Tong Yuan, and our golden ships were all constructed from fragments. This ship can travel freely and virtually. When I saw that most celestial ships entered the scope of Zhongtian Magic Domain, they were killed by the powerful in Magic Domain!"
"Midheaven Magic Field" "
Dragon emperor cold hum a sneer at a way: "this is the white cloth puzzle deliberately let me he is from Zhongtian moyu but he can’t hide from me! He wants me to go to war in Midheaven. He looks down on my wisdom. This man must be a Terran monk and bold, and he has come to my dragon world at the moment! "
Wen Xiang featuring a surprised glances in my heart.
Dragon emperor light way "he is too bold to kill XianEr and RongEr incredibly still trying to occupy Wan Long Baoyin! I personally refined this Wanlongbaoyin, and there is a forbidden method in it, which keeps me breathing! "