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When writing a flat spot, you should light the front and drop the symbol and fold the pen slightly to the right, and return to the front and collect the pen slightly.

Ten types of dots and ten different writing methods
Easy road lights will be summarized as "ten strokes"
Although Yi Lu Deng said modestly that his induction is not necessarily correct or complete.
However, Sun Hao was deeply impressed by the profound attainments of the hidden character Zongfu.
Sun Hao leaned slightly and smiled indifferently and said, "Jianjun’s real person is very powerful. According to the real person’s ten methods of agarwood, he is confident to find the temple in the clouds."
Yi Lu’s lamp gave Sun Hao a slight hand. "Aquilaria has praised the agarwood, and it is also very admirable to build the army."
Ghost Xi Lan sloped chuckled "virtue is really sour".
Sun Hao and Yi Lu Deng smiled at each other and turned to concentrate on the study of ten ways to find out the point of extinction
Ten methods have ten characteristics to express the aesthetic feeling of glyphs, but they are completely different.
According to the suggestion of Yi Lu Deng, although the monk doesn’t know what kind of temple-destroying point it is, it is reversible to infer that it is a point, and then find the most suitable position at a certain distance, and then go forward step by step, and maybe it is not a problem to find the position of the point.
Zhi Chi gives a thumbs-up to Yi Lu lights and then quickly organizes and implements them.
Ranked then divided into three teams.
Yi Lu Deng, Sun Hao and Shine each led a team.
Each person is equipped with two three-level operators and several other alchemists.
Divide the sea of clouds into three areas, and each team is responsible for one direction inventory.
If there is no "ten strokes", even the master of Fu Zhuan can catch the head instead of the tail when he comes to see the vast sea of clouds.
However, with the ten-method exploration standard, it is equivalent to finding the right path.
Many things will be very difficult if they are not done properly, but they will get twice the result with half the effort if they are done properly.
Soon, Sun Hao led two three-level character seal division’s own responsible area to discharge a certain distance according to the various brushwork characteristics of "ten strokes", and ten inspection points were most likely to appear.
And then rowed to Sun Hao, a group of monks, to release their own then exploration.
Sun Hao found that even his friends, Wang Yuan and Zhu Ling, condensed the elixir and were not low in quality, although they mainly refined their souls.
It is quite possible that the Hall of the Soul behind the Mountain of the Soul and the Dojo where he specially trained Jin Dandi.
It’s just that Sun Hao’s situation is special and Wan Soul Mountain has not continued to practice.
Sun Hao continued to move forward to arrange suspicious interrogation points. Behind him, Wang Yuan then slowly rushed into the sea of clouds and searched for the possible first extinction point according to the method described by Ghost as Spirit.
Like Sun Hao’s team, Shine and Yi Lu’s light team also quickly walked back to the soul temple and every monk was busy.
It’s much more reliable to show up in the present way than to wait for the destruction of the temple.
Shine, Gong Xiaoli and other top strength brothers can’t help but have a very clear idea. The hero of Heaven can’t be underestimated. How to arrange the burial day market in the future really needs to be reconsidered.
Of course, it is really unclear whether the post-burial day market can achieve this general sincerity
Secretly glanced at the front of the interrogation Sun Hao.
Gong Xiaoli suddenly came in vain.
Perhaps there is a foundation for everyone to be able to close the burial day market.
This foundation is little Howard, right
By pulling your fingers, Sun Hao not only made friends with Tiangong himself, but also made friends with almost all the top brothers.
On which side’s strength must be considered, Sun Hao feels that Sun Hao has become a bond and a medium adhesive, which has made several parties’ strength letters reach a preliminary tacit understanding and finally formed a combination.
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-nine The Mountain-pulling Number
Actually, Xiaoli didn’t know whether it was because the two sides didn’t really start work, or when Sun Hao and Xiangwu real people secretly worked hard together.
However, with the unfortunate fall of Xiangwu reality, the fact that Sun Hao secretly contributed eventually drowned out the historical truth.
History is that Xiangwu real people reached the initial intention.
Sun Hao admired Xiangwu real people, and he was very sorry and heartbroken. Naturally, he would not jump out to grab the merits and finally achieved the reputation of Xiangwu real people as a military god.
The burial day market is a big stage.
Ranking the elixir is difficult to repair one by one, and showing one’s ability and strength is also a big stage for mutual competition.
Now this stage
There is no doubt that Sun Hao is the real protagonist.
But at the same time, there are heroes on this stage, and they are ranked one by one, so that the mainland can remember and sing.
Xiangwu’s real person is undoubtedly No.1 middle school.
There is no doubt that Yinfu Zongyi Road will become a dazzling star on the big stage.
He still showed his unusual ability step by step, which was gradually remembered by the monks then.
However, the results were found on the 5 th